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Singing Courses for Adults

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We invite adult students of all levels from total beginners to advanced singers to join a singing course with us in central London

Learn to sing in central London

The London Singing Institute, provides singing courses for adults of all levels in two fabulous locations in Central London.

If you are an adult who is looking for a high-quality singing course specifically designed for adults, then you are in exactly the right place.

Your singing course with the London Singing Institute, is designed to help you improve fast and effectively using the correct vocal methodology and technique.

You also do not need any prior vocal experience to join a vocal course with us.

Improve your voice with an excellent instructor

Your instructor will never belittle you or scream at you, but always encourage and motivate you during each and every lesson.

Your vocal edcuation is in great hands.

At the London Singing Institute, we select the best of the best.

You can be assured of learning how to sing with an excellent vocal coach during your singing course.

Our vocal teachers are all qualified, experienced and extremely knowledgeable when it come to teaching adults how to sing.

Learning how to sing requires three key ingredients namely: passion, practice and education.

By taking up a singing course with the London Singing Institute, you are setting yourself up for vocal success.

We will provide you with top-noted vocal education that will in turn fuel your passion and practice.

Singing courses for adults

We do not accept children.

At the London Singing Institute, you will be surrounded by other like-minded adult vocal students.

We do not accept children and we only offer voice training to adults.

Learning how to sing as an adult requires a totally different approach than learning as a child.

We are therefore an adult specialist voice academy, specialising in adult singing courses in London.

Vocal course structure

Our courses are structured per quarter.

In each quarter you will receive 1 singing lessons at a set time and day with your vocal coach.

On a monthly basis four lessons will be provided on aggregate.

We allow two lessons per quarter to be rescheduled.

On the condition that we have received 72 hours notice.

Starting your singing course is very easy

You can start your singing course at anytime during the calendar year.

We require a monthly payment and a once off registration fee of £95 prior to starting your course.

Payment works monthly in advance by standing order.

How to register for your singing course

Registering for your singing course is a very easy process.

Simply send an email to our manager Stefan Joubert at

Stefan will personally reply to your email and send you a complete list of available time slots to choose from.

Once you have selected your time slot and made your payment then your singing course can start immediately.

Contact us to start your vocal course

You simply need to reach out to us using the following three options below: Starting your singing course is very very easy. Your course can start within one week of agreeing to our terms and making your first monthly payment for your course. It is a very easy process and we will be delighted to help you select your favourite time slot.