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Musical Theatre Singing Lessons London

Musical Theatre

Do you a passion for singing musical theatre?

Do you dream of singing like Elaine Page, Kristin Chenoweth, Barbara Cook, Liza Minnelli, Patti LuPone, Emma Williams, Tim Curry or Bonnie Langford?

Would you like to seriously increase your vocal technique and benefit from a massive improvement in your vocal and singing abilities overall?

Imagine how great you will feel once you have mastered some of the West End and Broadway’s favourite show tunes!

At The London Singing Institute we will help you make your singing dreams come true.

We will teach you how to singing musical theatre using the best techniques and methodologies a used by the world’s best musical theatre stars.

During your musical theatre singing lessons in London, you will discover just how to use your voice in the best way possible.

You will learn how to sing in a relaxed and natural manner and how to produce the right tone and pitch.

From day one you will learn the right techniques and methodologies as used by the West End and Broadway’s best vocal stars.

You will discover all the tricks of the vocal trade that will enable you to use your voice to its maximum potential.

It is vital to remember that great musical theatre singing is acting through song.

You need to become a singing actor.

This means that you need to develop great flexibility and a fantastic technique to help you express subtle emotional changes at precisely the right moment in the song.

At The London Singing Institute, our singing teachers are excellent at teaching and conveying the all-important methodologies of singing musical theatre.

We specialise in helping adults learn to sing and that’s why you can simply not select another vocal school in London until you have least experienced the quality and excellence of our vocal coaching. (We pride ourselves on quality and results)

Please do remember you do not need any prior experience in singing musical theatre, (or any style for that matter) prior to joining a singing courses with us.

We will also take great care in teaching you the fundamentals of your voice during our amazing singing lessons.

We will help you:

• Develop an excellent vocal tone
• Develop a great pitch to help you stay in tune
• Gain flexibility and experience
• Learn how to interpret the score with your voice throughout a musical theatre song
• Increase & smooth out your vocal range
• Develop great singing posture
• Prepare for performing in front of an audience
• Gain confidence to develop your voice
• Believe in yourself and your abilities

Once again we must reiterate that you do not need any prior experience when learning how to sing with us.

If you want to seriously increase your vocal skills and start with your musical theatre singing lessons, you can contact Stefan to find out more at

If you want to find out more about our vocal programmes and fees, please visit our singing programmes and fees page.

Remember we offer both one-to-one and group vocal instruction and you can select a course duration and time that suits you.

We offer 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute weekly vocal courses.

You will receive four lessons on aggregate per calendar month.

We also require a one-time registration of £95 prior to starting your vocal course.

The registration fee helps us around the administration of your course as well as the arranging of student singing concerts.

Space is limited. Book now.

We offer musical theatre lessons in two locations in London.

You can choose between the City of London or our Mayfair branch.

Our evening slots are in high demand, so make sure you contact today to secure your space.

Contact, call us on 020 7127 0717 or visit our courses and fees page.

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