What to expect from your singing lessons as a beginner

As a beginner, it is all about providing you with the tools to build a solid foundation of singing technique and vocal skills right from the word go! For some beginners, they have never sung in front of someone before, so in the early stages of vocal study, teaching focuses on providing a safe environment for students to explore their new-found voice, and gain confidence! Lessons will be structured through introducing students to posture and understanding the role of their body when singing, exercises to develop a proper breathing technique, learning vocal warm-ups to engage technique and cultivate safe singing, and working on building repertoire to perform. Students can expect to cover a range of vocal repertoire and vocal styles with different suitable techniques employed where necessary, for instance, you can cover pop, music theatre, blues, jazz and soul. We will often suggest songs and we have extensive knowledge of appropriate repertoire but students are also encouraged to develop their own listening skills to identify appropriate songs, and deepen their own tastes and interest! Students with more of a focus on jazz can also expect to be introduced to improvisation techniques and a basic understanding of music harmony – although … Continue reading What to expect from your singing lessons as a beginner