What to expect as an advanced singing student

For working with advanced vocal students, teaching will draw upon a range of specialised and advanced approaches and techniques to a broad spectrum of repertoire. Students will cover a range of challenging and diverse material to build upon their pre-existing skills, which will offer a more specialised and stimulating learning approach to the more advanced student. Lessons will ensure proper breathing techniques are harnessed, extensive and more technical vocal warm ups with a cool down routine are learnt, and students will gain a deeper knowledge of their instrument and an understanding of the importance of vocal health. At this level teaching will extend to cover an in-depth understanding of performance practice, interpretation and key elements of genre and stylistic approaches to vocal performance. Students will also receive further teaching on performance elements such as physicality, space, audience communication, and confident ensemble leading. More theoretical approaches to these concerns will be explored, drawing on material such as Stanislavsky‚Äôs systems of experience and deeper concerns with intention of meaning and expression through vocal performance. All popular music students will foster deeper musicianship skills, aural training, understanding of more complex rhythms and timing, and be expected to be using more theoretical language and … Continue reading What to expect as an advanced singing student