Advanced singing lessons

Our advanced singing lessons are ideal for adults with significant singing experience and previous training who are looking to polish their overall singing. Some might need improvement on their vocal techniques while others want to focus on interpretation.

At The London Singing Institute, we will help you build on your existing skillset and also develop your sense of artistry. Whether you specialise in classical, opera, jazz, blues, rock, pop or musical theatre, you can be assured to benefit from the most excellent advanced singing lessons for adults available in London.

Advanced female singer

Work with your singing instructor on the various aspects that require improvement

As an advanced singer, you already have a good knowledge of your faults and qualities. During your advanced singing lessons, you are most welcome to discuss your goals and particular aspects you wish to work on. We will help you achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in your overall singing.

Our advanced singing lessons not only focus on vocal technique but the professional skills required of a performer. We will work alongside you in a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere that will allow you to express yourself and reach the stars!

  • Benefit from the highest vocal education for adults available in London
  • Polish your vocal skills with exceptional singing instructors
  • Work on specific aspects using the repertoire of your choice
  • Gain confidence and enhance your performance skills
  • Study with exceptional singing instructors
  • Meet like-minded singing enthusiasts
  • Make fast progress thanks to our result-oriented methods

At The London Singing Institute, we aim to provide you with the most suitable advanced singing lessons possible. We always adapt to your needs and wishes and provide our tuition accordingly.

We are happy to propose your advanced singing lessons to either take place in Marylebone or the City of London, for 30, 45 or 60 minutes weekly.