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Opera Singing Lessons London

Lady singing opera

Are you looking for outstanding opera singing lessons in London explicitly geared toward adult learning?

You’ve come to precisely the right place.

We provide top-notch opera singing lessons in London with some of London’s most successful opera coaches.

The great news is you don’t need any prior experience before starting your opera singing lessons in London.

You can start today and learn from scratch, even as a total beginner.

We always welcome beginners with arms wide open!

We have three locations in central London.

You can study with us in the City, Mayfair or Marylebone and select the location that suits you best.

  • We offer vocal lessons in the City from Monday to Saturday at 21 Fleet Street, City of London, EC4Y 1AA.
  • We offer vocal lessons in the Marylebone from Monday to Wednesday at Margaret St, London W1.
  • We offer vocal lessons in Mayfair on Friday at South Audley Street, W1K.

You also do not need to fear the learning curve.

At The London Singing Institute, we have a special introductory vocal lesson called the “no-fear introductory singing lesson”.

During our “no-fear introductory singing lesson”, you will be able to take an introductory lesson in a non-judgmental environment with one of our outstanding opera vocal coaches with no fear of knowing anything about singing!

If you are a seasoned singer, you can make significant progress too!

You can take your voice to a whole new level as we have some of the best opera vocal coaches in London who specialise in adult opera vocal education.

It is now the time to make your vocal dreams come true and become the opera singer that you have always wanted to be.

Drastically improve your technical abilities and learn how to sing using the right techniques as taught by some of the most successful opera singers.

Get rid of vocal related fears and open your mind to the immense possibilities that lie within your beautiful and unique voice.

Booking your opera singing course with us is very easy:

You can choose between lessons during the daytime, lunchtime or in the evenings.

We also offer Opera singing lessons on Saturdays in case you cannot attend in the week.

In the City of London, lunchtime and evening time slots are usually very popular and in-demand (It is essential to book your ideal slot asap).

You can also take opera singing lessons with us in a group format if you feel that you learn better in a group setting.

We always try to provide you with a large number of potential options to suit your unique way of learning.

Your singing course

With our world-class lessons you will:

  • Increase your range
  • Increase your ability to sing in tune
  • Learn to sing on time
  • Learn how to conquer difficult musical passage and ornamentations
  • Discover great tips on building vocal strength
  • Learn how to project your voice
  • Improve your stage presence and performance
  • Develop the correct technique and methodology of singing
  • Discover a wide range of operatic repertoire
  • Become the opera singer you want to be (even if you just want to sing for the pleasure!)

Become part of the community of singers that love to sing and adults that love to use their voice!

You can choose between 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes of opera singing lessons per week or join a group class of 60 minutes per week.

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Alternatively, you can also make an enquiry via our contact form on our contact page:

Contact The London Singing Institute:

You can also make a telephonic enquiry on 020 7127 0717.