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Vocal Resources


Friends on the web

A selection of friends and teachers from across the globe

  • – Top-notch vocal tuition in Leeds with Lily Moharrer. Highly recommended for anyone looking for vocal tuition in Leeds.
  • – Award winning website by Matthew Rusk, musical entrepreneur who found a network of high quality music sites with teachers across the UK.
  • – Excellent vocal coach Miss Hayley Fisher offering quality vocal instruction in Fareham, UK. Learn vocal controls – tone quality, projection, pitching, expression, stamina and all issues that a singer must master.

Recommended books

Please find a selection of highly recommended books on music that will help you with your vocal journey!

The inner game of music – Barry Green

Understand the power of working with yourself to achieve the highest level of musicality that you can achieve.

In this fantastic book, you will discover how to overcome fear and negative voices within.

Become a better performer and singer and learn a heck of a lot!

You can view the book on Amazon here.

Voice and the Alexander Technique by Jane Ruby Heirich

As a singer it is vital that you have a good understanding of the Alexander Technique. A wonderful book that will help you re-think singing and help you release tension and unnecessary strain in your vocal performance.

You can view the book on Amazon here.

Great Singers on Great Singing by Jerome Hines

Jerome Hines has interviewed some of the best singers on the planet. This is simply a must-have book for any serious and aspiring singer. You can always learn from the greats and you will pick up great tips and ideas that can help you become so much better!

You can view the book on Amazon here.

The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness by Gerald Klickstein

A wonderful MUST-HAVE book for singers and musicians. This book will help you with your quest to musical greatness.

Lots of great wisdom on how to manage yourself and avoid injury. A true gem!

You can view the book on Amazon here.