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Group Singing Lessons London

Ladies learning how to sing in a group format
Learning how to sing in a group format is both educational and fun! Join a group singing class with the London Singing Institute today!

Group Singing Lessons London

At the London Singing Institute, we offer very convenient group singing lessons for beginners who are just starting out.

We are offering group singing lessons on a weekly basis in the evenings at 7pm as well as lunchtime.

You now have the opportunity to get rid of your vocal-related fears in a wonderful atmosphere with outstanding vocal coaches.

You can now finally learn how to sing!

The greatest thing about our inspiring group vocal lessons is the fact that we provide you with outstanding quality tuition and we always take the greatest care to make sure that you do not feel intimidated in your singing lessons.

We will never ask you to do something that you are not comfortable with.

The voice is a physical instrument that requires a lot of courage and strength from your side.

In each and every group singing class we always try to help you find the strength within to take your voice to the next level!

In our group lessons, you can now learn with brilliant instructors who specialise in adult education only.

Our instructors make absolutely sure that you are well-catered for and that you learn the correct techniques from day one.

There are a lot of group vocal lessons in London. What makes us different is the fact that we only teach adults and genuinely care for each student individually!

There are a lot of facilities that simply offer group singing lessons in London to a big group without genuinely caring about each and every individual in the group.

What you will find at the London Singing Institute is the fact that even though you study in a group, you feel that you get individual attention, which is very rare in a group.

In a group, you can easily feel left out and left behind – not so with our City of London Vocal group singing lessons!

We love teaching adults and we love helping adults to learn.

Learning in a group is a very beneficial way of learning as you can also get to meet other like-minded friends and like-minded learners.

Yes, you also get to meet great people who have the same passion as you!

Our group classes are very convenient especially if your work in the City of London.

adult singer

If you work in the City of London and you are looking for evening group classes, or even lunch time group classes, you have come to exactly the right place.

You have come to the place in London that care and caters for your voice and for your vocal needs.

For the best quality vocal tuition in London for adults in a group, do get in touch with us as soon as you can.

We love teaching singing and we love helping you develop your vocal ability.

It is imperative that you take action to start sooner rather than later as it’s only through taking action that you can truly learn the art of singing!

If you take the courage and the strength within and contact us today, you will be delighted at what you can achieve with your voice in time!

Success comes to the brave, so take the first step and contact us for great vocal instruction in the City of London.

Our group classes are always very friendly and we always take the greatest care to help you develop and to help you develop the voice that you have always wanted to have!

It is with deep passion that our coaches instruct and we always make sure that in each and every lesson you feel inspired after every session.

So for the best quality adult group singing lessons London has to offer, you’ve come to exactly the right place.

Yes, simply the best place for you to learn and master your voice today with outstanding vocal instructors, who specifically specialise in adult vocal education.

Contact us to join one of our evening or lunchtime group singing lessons and get in touch to book your singing course today!

How much are the group vocal lessons per month?

Our current monthly rates are:

– £185 per calendar month for 4 x 60 minutes

We also require a one-time registration fee of £95 when joining a course with the London Singing Institute.

The registration fee covers all the administration around your course as well as arranging of concerts and student events.

How can I join a group singing course?

To get started with your one-to-one singing course, simple contact us here.

Alternatively send an email to and we will be delighted to help you join.