Group singing lessons

The group singing lessons at The London Singing Institute are fantastic for those who like combining learning and socialising. Learning in a group format will surely make your studies more fun and allow you to meet like-minded singing enthusiasts!

Even if our group singing lessons are tremendously enjoyable, we always ensure that you learn the correct techniques from day one and that you are well supported but your vocal instructor. We always balance our group singing lessons well for you to develop your technical and musical skills equally.

Group singing lessons

Improve your vocal abilities alongside like-minded adult singing enthusiasts

At The London Singing Institute, we welcome all adult singing lovers to benefit from the most excellent singing education. Our outstanding singing lessons provided in a group format are reserved to absolute beginners or intermediate vocalists who would like to get back to singing.

Our group singing lessons are offered in a non-judgmental and relaxed environment that has been specifically created for adults who sing for their pleasure. By booking a course with us, you can be ensured to benefit from the highest vocal education available in London while enjoying your musical journey thoroughly!

  • Improve your vocal and acting skills through your preferred hits from Broadway and the West End
  • Learn how to sing using the correct technique from day one
  • Combine learning and socialising with like-minded friends of music
  • Perform in duet, trio or quartet format
  • Study with highly qualified and experienced singing instructors
  • Enjoy your group singing lessons in a non-judgmental environment
  • Get a rock solid understanding of vocal techniques

At The London Singing Institute, the group singing lessons take place weekly on a set day and time at our lovely premises in the City of London. They only count three to five people as we want to ensure that you benefit from the most excellent singing instruction, instead of being lost in a large group.

Thanks to the exceptional expertise of our singing teachers and their understanding of adult amateur singers, you can be assured to enjoy the most excellent group singing lessons for adults currently available in London and the United Kingdom.