Conveniently located in both Marylebone and the City of London, The London Singing Institute is undoubtedly the most in-demand singing school for adults in London and the United Kingdom.

After the massive success of The London Piano Institute, master pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert wanted to offer an opportunity to adult singing enthusiasts to benefit from a fantastic singing school where they could share their passion and improve their vocal skills.

We are passionate about helping adult amateur singers to achieve their goal, and it is our mission to support them throughout their musical journey. Whether you are an absolute beginner without any prior musical knowledge or a proficient amateur singer, we warmly welcome you at The London Singing Institute.

The London Singing Institute is very different from any other singing schools in London and the United Kingdom. We specialise in teaching adults and we, therefore, know how to provide you with the most suitable vocal lessons.

We wanted The London Singing Institute to be a wonderful singing school where adults could express themselves without ever being judged or criticised negatively. We wanted all adult amateur singers to have the privilege to learn and enjoy their studies without ever being pressurised.

We invite all adults from absolute beginners to advanced amateur singers to improve their voice and vocal abilities.

Please do not worry if you are new to singing as we work with extremely understanding vocal teachers who will never make you feel like you are not talented. On the contrary, your singing instructor will always encourage you and teach you in a manner that suits your needs and abilities.

We also welcome intermediate and advanced singers, whether they are interested in polishing their vocal skills in classical, jazz, pop, rock, blues and musical theatre. Our vocal instructors will be delighted to help you reach the next level and pleased to work with you on the technical or artistic aspects that require improvement.

Most singing schools around the world either focus on teaching children or future professional singers. It is sporadic to find a singing school specifically created for adult amateur singers where vocal education is adapted accordingly.

With this exceptional vision in mind, we have opened an excellent singing school where adults can benefit from the highest singing instruction while enjoying their singing lessons immensely.

As we are aware that you sing for your pleasure, we will always keep in mind that you have a busy life and adapt accordingly. We will do our utmost to make you flourish at the best of your abilities.

There is no need to have any unique talent to join The London Singing Institute. We believe that thanks to the guidance of expert singing instructors, all adults can succeed and become the brilliant singer that they have always dreamt of being!

At The London Singing Institute, we are pleased to count hundreds of adults among our students who have finally found a singing school in London where they could develop their vocal skills peacefully and brilliantly.

Thanks to this extraordinary singing school for adults in London, we can now see lawyers, bankers, doctors, accountants, engineers, architects, business owners, writers and even TV producers enjoy singing and finally make their dream come true!

Talk to us about your course

If you are ready to start your singing course, and you want to benefit from the highest quality singing education for adults in London, then you are in precisely the right place!

As you can start your singing course at anytime during the year, thank you for emailing our manager Stefan at He will be delighted to guide your through the registration process.

Alternatively, you can also contact us via our contact page.

We look forward to helping you reach your singing dreams and beyond!