As we specialise in teaching adults, we completely understand the fears and worries of adults who are new to singing.

Everyone has a beautiful and unique voice, but most people sadly think that they are unable to sing.

Most of the time, this belief comes from their childhood, when people quickly criticised them without realising that singing in tune and accurately, is an art that needs to be practised and developed.

All men and women can produce an excellent tone if they are taught the right skills to reach this goal.

Unfortunately, fear and embarrassment too often come in the way and prevent singing enthusiasts from starting their vocal education and enjoying it immensely.

Hence why we have developed the no-fear intro lesson concept…

For the reasons mentioned above, the London Singing Institute offers a very special opportunity to shy and worried adults by providing them with a “No Fear Introductory Lesson”.

Thanks to this unique singing class, you can approach the art of singing for the first time, with an exceptionally welcoming and understanding vocal teacher who will not judge or criticise you.

There is no reason to feel ashamed about whatever your beliefs are about your voice.

If you enjoy singing, then you should surely take the first step, as becoming a brilliant singer is mainly down to learning the correct techniques!

You do not need to have any unique talent or prior musical knowledge to attend our “No Fear Introductory Lesson”.

“Always remember – absolutely ANYBODY can learn how to sing! The key is to give it a go and get proper vocal training. Do not let anyone make you believe you cannot sing! Do not give anyone that right! It is NOW your time to unleash your inner voice and bring out what you have inside of you! It may take time to learn, but in time you will be able to sing beautifully!” – Stefan Joubert Manager of London Singing Institute

If you book this first lesson, it is because you have not benefited from any prior training. Your teacher will, therefore, not expect you to sing well yet.

On the contrary, you would not need to attend this introductory lesson if you were already singing as brilliantly as Maria Callas!

During your first lesson, you will not be required to sing any song. Your teacher will start the lesson by showing you various breathing techniques and how to position your body to enhance the quality of your voice.

After a few breathing exercises, which do not require any musical knowledge, your instructor will start working on your pitch.

You might think that you cannot pitch. It is expected, as you have not learned how to pitch yet!

You will soon realise that it is not difficult and that it only requires practice and excellent professional guidance that we will happily provide you with!

Once again, there is no reason to be shy or ashamed. Our extremely professional teachers are only here to encourage you and help you improve your abilities.

Our “No-Fear Introductory Lesson” is an introduction to singing, so you will not be required to sing like Freddie Mercury after your first class.

We will show you that you can sing beautifully and that you are not the tone-deaf individual that you might think you are, due to discouraging comments probably heard in the past.

If you are a singing enthusiast, you should have no hesitation and give it a try!

It would be a shame not to make your dream become true because of false and unfounded preconceived ideas!

To book your first “No-Fear Introductory Lesson” and discover the wonderful world of singing, contact us at

He will be delighted to give you all the relevant information.

We look forward to welcoming you!