Are you looking for excellent private singing lessons in London with some of London’s best vocal coaches?

Would you like to get that additional world-class input that will help you develop a stunning voice?

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At the London Singing Institute, you will benefit from private voice training from outstanding vocal coaches who knows how to teach adults.

Learn the correct technique from day one and the style that YOU love!

In your weekly private singing lessons you will make fast and effective progress and learn how to sing using the correct technique from your first private singing lesson.

You will feel motivated and inspired and ready to take your voice to the next level with our top-noted vocal education.

You can expect to learn all the right methods of singing and develop your own unique vocal tone and style. (That works for you!)

We offer private singing lessons in jazz, classical, blues, rock, pop, R&B and soul vocal styles.

Yes, you can learn to sing the style of music that you love!

As a private vocal student with us, you do not need any prior experience.

If you’ve never sang a note before, the door is wide open.

We welcome absolute beginners to very advanced singing enthusiasts at the London Singing Institute.

During your private singing lessons with us, you will discover the importance of treating your entire body as the instrument.

You will learn fascinating and amazing facts about your vocal anatomy.

You will discover how to breathe correctly using your diaphragm and how to sing with the correct and most optimal posture.

During your singing lessons, your vocal coach will go into very important details on tone production, nuance, dynamics and the finer points that will make that immense difference to your vocal performance.

As an absolute beginner during your private lessons, your coach will give you a set of vocal exercises to practice on a daily basis to help you start your vocal journey.

Your teacher will work a lot on your ability to pitch notes in tune and on time!

As learning how to sing can occasionally be arduous, and you may at times feel frustrated, but your coach will inspire and motivate you to great new heights in each private singing lesson at the London Singing Institute.

It may help to remember that your favourite vocalist was also once a beginner learning how to sing, and he or she also needed to practice and improve during their private vocal lessons!

How to start your private weekly vocal lessons at the London Singing Insitute

As soon as you are ready to improve your voice and ready to learn, you can start a course.

Registering for your private vocal course is a very simple process.

You simply need to contact us and we will send you a complete list of fees and course options.

At the London Singing Institute, you can learn privately in a one-to-one setting or in a group class.

You can choose between doing a 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes per week with on a set day and time.

As soon as you select your course option, we will send a list of available time slots.

When you have then selected your preferred time slot and paid your first monthly instalment, then you can start your private singing lessons with us.

The most important factor for your vocal success is not to delay.

If you delay your course, then who knows, you may never start to sing and perhaps never reach your dreams!

So take the first step and contact us.

Start your vocal course today and make your musical dreams come true!

Contact us to start your vocal course

You simply need to reach out to us using the following three options below:

Starting your singing course is very very easy. Your course can start within one week of agreeing to our terms and making your first monthly payment for your course. It is a very easy process and we will be delighted to help you select your favourite time slot.

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