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Welcome to the London┬áSinging Institute – London’s Quintessential Vocal Academy for Adults

Have you always wanted to sing?

Are you shy and nervous about your singing, and you need someone to help you take your fear of singing away?

Have you always wanted to sing, but somehow never found the time or courage to do so?

The London Singing Institute simply offers the best singing lessons London has yet to see for adults who are nervous, fearful and in need of that extra motivation to get started or push to the next level!

Your confidence, vocal and overall musical abilities will increase dramatically with our dedicated adult vocal tuition.

You no longer have to fear when it comes to learning how to sing, as we offer singing lessons in London with vocal teachers who know how to help you learn!

Yes, we definitely believe that you CAN learn how to sing!

Our singing lessons in London are designed to motivate you just to start singing!

  • You definitely need weekly motivation!
  • You need to break out of the limits that you have set for yourself!!
  • You need to know how the voice works and get training to sing correctly!
  • You need to increase the quality of your voice.
  • You need to use the correct posture, breathing and vocal technique.
  • You will do all of the above at our City of London or Mayfair locations.
  • You will have incredible amounts of fun whilst develop the voice that you have ALWAYS wanted to have!

Most adults never develop their voice due to a lack of belief…

A lack of belief in yourself is the number one reason for not taking your voice to the next level.

Fortunately, thanks to the London Singing Institute you can now learn with an expert vocal coach who knows how to motivate and inspire you to greatness!

By starting weekly singing lessons with us, you are investing in your future voice and vocal success!

In addition to great lessons, we will work hard on your psychology and mental strength to ensure that you learn to trust yourself and see yourself as the best singer that you can possibly be!

“Our motto: Yes, You Can Sing!” – We will help you become the singer that you have always wanted to be

For the best adult singing lessons London has to offer at, you have found exactly the right place!

Find out why you should select us for your singing lessons in London.

Also, remember that 80% of singing has to do with how motivated you are.

If you take singing lessons from a qualified singing teacher who does not motivate and inspire you, then you will probably stop singing.

However, if you take singing lessons from an excellent singing teacher in London who motivates, encourage and inspires you then the sky is the limit!

We are here to help you become the singer that you have always wanted to be!

You are cordially invited to join a vocal course and discover the best adult singing lessons London has to offer!

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Develop your voice with excellent vocal instructors

We genuinely care about your progress!


Perfect for All Levels - Get Started Today!

Even if you've never sung before or if you wish to rekindle your lost passion for your voice, we will help you achieve your vocal goals. We genuinely believe that you are talented and that you can learn how to sing!


Lessons in the City (EC4) and Mayfair (W1)

You can now choose between having your singing lessons in the City of London near St. Paul's Cathedral or in Mayfair near Park Lane! Two outstanding locations to make learning singing so much easier!


Enjoy Periodic Student Concerts and Events

Periodically we organise amazing student concerts (in a prestigious setting) where you can enjoy the company of "like-minded" vocal lovers and stunning vocal music! Concerts take place in a non-judgmental setting.


Make Rapid Vocal Progress!

Study with outstanding vocal teachers who genuinely cares for your progress. Learn the correct technique from day one and make fast progress with our outstanding vocal tuition dedicated to adults!