Blues singing courses

The London Singing Institute is a wonderful haven of music for those who have always wanted to learn how to sing the blues. Fans of Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thornton, Howlin’ Wolf, Ray Charles, Elmore James, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Big Bill Broonzy and Little Richard should be pleased to know that we offer the most excellent blues-singing courses for adults in London.

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At The London Singing Institute, you will learn the important techniques that will make your blues voice awesome, such as how to growl and sing with a raspy voice, how to breath properly to obtain power in your blues singing, how to keep your audience captivated and just how to sound bluesy! You will also learn proper vocal technique and learn how to use your voice in the correct manner. Your instructor will help you with your posture, resonance and breath support among many other important vocal technique-related things.

Get a solid understanding of the 12 bar blues and how to improvise vocally around it

The 12 bar blues is the most common form when it comes to singing and playing the blues. As a blues singer, you need to immerse yourself in the 12 bar blues and understand the cycles within the 12 bars. The first four bars is the introduction, after that, we have some development and finally, we get the climatic turnaround that leads us back to the beginning. As a blues singer, you must understand how to phrase your lines and licks with style and attitude. You must also be able to hit exactly the right notes at the right time when the harmonies change. Blues may seem easy, but to sing the blues really well require expert blues voice lessons. At the London Singing Institute, we make absolutely certain that you learn all the correct techniques from day one.

We never compromise on foundations and make sure that you get to know the blues inside out!

  • Develop an excellent blues vocal tone
  • Gain flexibility and experience
  • Increase and smooth out your vocal range
  • Learn how to bring out raw blues emotion in your voice including how to do a blues vocal growl
  • Learn how to do a proper blues vibrato that is essential for blues singing!
  • Learn the secrets of how to bring out your own unique blues voice full of passion as per the blues masters!
  • Discover your unique blues voice
  • Prepare for performing in front of an audience
  • Study in a non-judgmental and encouraging environment
  • Make fast progress thanks to our wonderful result-oriented methods

At The London Singing Institute, we warmly welcome adults from all walks of life to attend exceptional blues-singing courses with highly qualified and experienced singing instructors. Passionate by blues singing and avid to pass our remarkable knowledge on, we will be delighted to help you learn whether you are an absolute beginner without any prior musical background or an advanced amateur blues singer.

Course details

The London Singing Institute invites adults from all walks of life to study singing and improve their skills in a wonderful environment that has been specially created for them. Whether you are an absolute beginner without any prior musical knowledge, an intermediate singer or a proficient amateur vocalist, you are welcome to join and improve your skills with highly qualified and experienced instructors.

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Our singing lessons for adults either take place in our lovely premises in the City of London or Marylebone.

The lessons are provided for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes, and our singing courses can be joined at any time during the year.

For intensive courses, we usually arrange between three to seven lessons of 45 minutes per week.

As various slots are available during workdays up to 22:00 as well as on Saturdays, please contact our manager Stefan at to choose the most convenient time for you to attend.

As all our singing lessons for adults are highly personalised and tailored to the needs and wishes of each, you are welcome to decide whether you would like to sit the ABRSM grade examinations.

We totally understand that you sing for your pleasure so this decision is totally optional.

We do not follow a set syllabus but rather adapt to each of our students as everyone is different and needs special attention.

We require an initial three-month attendance as we believe that it is the minimum amount of time an adult should study at The London Singing Institute to benefit fully from our excellent singing instruction.

After this initial period, you are welcome to continue your singing education on an on-going basis.

If you want to do longer weekly sessions such as 90 or 120 minutes per week, please do ask and we will do our best to arrange a course tailored to your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

You are most welcome to join The London Singing Institute, even if you are an absolute beginner without any prior musical experience. Our singing courses are designed for adults who are brand new to singing, so no previous knowledge is necessary to join. Also, please do not worry about your voice as our teachers are here to help you and improve your tone production.

Definitely not. We believe that there is no age limit to learn and enjoy singing.

Of course! You are most welcome to give it a try and book an introductory lesson to find out if singing suits you well. Be reassured that there is no need to possess any talent to join The London Singing Institute. We believe that all adults can learn how to sing beautifully thanks to the expert guidance of our excellent singing instructors.

Absolutely! The London Singing Institute has been created explicitly for adults like yourself who sing for their pleasure and enjoyment.

You need to practice if you intend to make any progress. Attending your singing lessons will offer you the guidance and feedback needed to improve in the right direction, but a personal daily practice is necessary to enhance your vocal skills.

It all depends on your current level. As a complete beginner, you can start with 15 minutes each day to get into the habit of practising daily. It should then increase to 30 minutes quite rapidly as you will need enough time to review and improve the material that has been studied during your singing lessons.

Not at all. All our singing instructors have been selected for their remarkable understanding of adults who sing for their pleasure. They are, therefore, extremely patient, kind and supportive. We can assure you that your instructor will never judge, patronise or criticise you negatively.

Yes, we do offer preparation to the ABRSM grade examinations from grade 1 to grade 8, but sitting the exams is not compulsory.

It is a complicated question to answer as it all depends on your abilities and the specific goal that you have in mind. As per our experience, we can, however, say that you should be able to sing some lovely songs after a few lessons only.

The duration of your singing course depends on your personal goal after attending for a minimum of 3 months. Your lessons will then take place on an ongoing basis until you are satisfied with your new vocal abilities or unable to pursue your education.

Of course. If you are already a proficient vocalist, we would certainly recommend that you inform us before the beginning of your course. We are pleased to confirm that all our singing instructors possess the right set of skills and experience to help you improve further.

Absolutely. We know how daunting it can be for a classically trained singer to step into jazz so we would be delighted to support you in your endeavour.

We do not follow a set syllabus but prefer adapting to each. As we wish to provide you with the most suitable singing education possible, the content of your singing lessons will depend on your current abilities, wishes and style studied.

At The London Singing Institute, we understand that it can be difficult for some busy professionals to attend their singing lessons on a set day and time each week. We will be happy to accommodate you, but please inform us before signing up as any special request is subject to an extra fee and availability.

How to enrol

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It is very straight forward to enrol at The London Singing Institute by either contacting our manager Stefan at, or via our contact form. We will endeavour to get back to you within one or two working days.