Booking an intensive singing course at The London Singing Institute is a wonderful way to improve your voice drastically over a short period.

An intensive singing course is very different from the usual lesson. Instead of listening to the homework you have done during the week, and guiding you for the week head, your singing instructor will instead practice with you.

It is a fantastic opportunity to be able to practice a song or a technical exercise with your singing instructor. Experiencing the exact manner you should structure your practice sessions is a rare privilege that can only be amazingly constructive.

At The London Singing Institute, we encourage all our pupils to book an intensive singing course occasionally. It is beneficial to remind you how to plan your practice sessions and make the best out of it.

You could sometimes feel lost while practising on your own. It could result in you wasting time instead of solving your technical or interpretation issues efficiently.

An intensive singing course could be compared to a fitness session with a personal coach. Your singing instructor will undoubtedly push you further than you would have on your own.

During your weekly singing lessons, your instructor is responsible for checking that you are making progress in all the aspects of singing (technical exercises, sight-reading and songs). He or she rarely has enough time to work in-depth on a particular issue in your singing.

It is the reason why intensive singing courses are incredibly beneficial and can drastically improve your skills instantly.

As all our pupils who have booked an intensive singing course, you will surely be amazed by the results. It will undoubtedly encourage you to use the same methods while practising on your own.

Knowing how to structure your practice sessions is extremely valuable, and we can only recommend you to experience such a fantastic vocal course regularly.

We are happy to book these extra classes for you from time to time when you feel the need of working profoundly on a particular aspect of your voice. You will see: The results are truly astonishing!

Please note that we do not only invite our regular students to book these fantastic singing sessions. They are also available to all singing enthusiasts who visit London for a short period and would like to use this opportunity to improve their singing skills immensely.

Book your intensive singing course to improve your singing skills immediately:

Time and patience are usually necessary for all great achievements, but sometimes focused and extremely result-oriented sessions can boost your progress drastically.

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We will be delighted to have you as one of our singing pupils, and it is with the utmost pleasure that we will help you become the proficient singer you have always dreamt to be.

Our expert singing instruction is necessary for you to make your dreams become true so we will be pleased to assist you in your endeavours!