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Blues Singing Lessons London

Blues singer
Learn how to sing the blues with us in London!

Have you always wanted to learn how to sing the blues?

Do you love the vocal styles of Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thornton, Howlin’ Wolf, Ray Charles, Elmore James, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Big Bill Broonzy and Little Richard?

Would you like to learn the secrets of blues singing and how to make your blues singing amazing?

Learn all the important blues singing techniques

Learn all the important techniques that will make your blues voice awesome – such as how to growl and sing with a raspy voice, how to breath properly to obtain power in your blues singing, how to keep your audience captivated and just how to sound bluesy!

You will also learn proper vocal technique and learn how to use your voice in the correct manner. Your instructor will help you with your posture, resonance and breath support among many other important vocal technique-related things.

Get a solid understanding of the 12 bar blues an how to sing and improvise around it

The 12 bar blues is the most common form when it comes to singing and playing the blues!

As a blues singer you need to immerse yourself in the 12 bar blues and understand the cycles within the 12 bars.

The first four bars is the introduction, after that we have some development and finally we get the climatic turnaround that leads us back to the beginning!

As a blues singer you MUST understand how to phrase your lines and licks with style and attitude!

You must also be able to hit exactly the right notes AT THE RIGHT TIME when the harmonies change.

Blues may seem easy, but to sing the blues really well require expert blues voice lessons!

At the London Singing Institute we make absolute certain that you learn all the correct techniques from day one.

We never compromise on foundations and make sure that you get to know the blues inside out!

Study with great blues vocal teachers

Our teachers are excellent at what they do and they have years of vocal experience to help you learn the right technique from the first lesson.

Please remember that we specialise in adult vocal tuition and that you do not need any prior experience to join a vocal course with us!

Take your voice to the next level

If you are frustrated with the sound of your voice or your technique, we can help!

Singing is a physical art and requires expert knowledge to help you discover your own unique voice!

We firmly believe that absolutely anyone CAN learn how to sing the blues! It is just a matter of private practice and application with a great blues teacher!

We are dedicated to help you take your voice to the next step – to help you learn how to sing blues!

Perform at our exciting student concerts and events

In addition to our excellent blues vocal courses, we also arrange periodic student concerts and events where you can perform in front of other students in a non-judgmental setting!

On a regular basis you can join in our exciting concerts and enjoy the company of other like-minded blues vocal enthusiasts!

Blues vocal course fees and details

We require an initial one-off registration fee of £95 when starting your course with the London Singing Institute.

The registration fee covers all the administration around your course as well as arranging of concerts and student events.

Courses start from as little as £185 per calendar month and we offer both individual and group vocal tuition.

How to contact us for your blues singing lessons:

To get started with your one-to-one blues singing course, simple contact us here.

Alternatively send an email to and we will be delighted to help you join.