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Pop Singing Lessons London

Lady singing popular music

Do you love singing your favourite popular songs and would you like to seriously improve your singing ability?

Did you know that you ARE talented and that it is just a matter of finding your own unique inner voice and talent within?

We love helping you find your unique voice!

At times, perhaps your friends and family have made certain ignorant comments about your voice which may have made you doubt your abilities.

Maybe you have even asked yourself the following question: “Can I sing?”.

Well, we have great news for you, YES you can learn how to sing and learn how to sing well!

The only requirement is that you attend weekly lessons and practice the vocal exercises and methodologies that we will provide.

Yes, success certainly does not happen overnight and it takes time and effort to learn how to sing, but with our top-notch vocal education you will get there if you persist and practice!

We honestly believe that you are talented and that you have a wonderful voice.

What you lack at this stage is most probably training and knowledge, especially if you are a beginner just starting out!

At the London Singing Institute, we do our utmost to help you learn properly by laying a solid foundation right from the start.

We will help you find your own great voice!

Study with fantastic pop singing teachers who love teaching adults

Popular songs can be very demanding from a vocal standpoint.

You may have to do vocal turns, twists and runs that require excellent voice technique. Especially if you are into R&B, soul or modern pop singing.

Your voice needs an excellent vocal teacher and that is exactly what we can offer you at the London Singing Institute/

Our singing teachers are all highly qualified and they are experts at both teaching and singing popular music styles!

Lets make your dreams come true and help you achieve all your vocal related goals.

Become the pop singer you want to become!

You no longer have to accept less-than-adequate vocal technique, with us you can reach the stars!

Of course you need to practice to get results, but with excellent vocal tuition you can definitely beat the odds to become the singer that you have always dreamed of becoming!

Say no to mediocre vocal performance, join a class with us and discover your hidden inner voice!

Perform at our exciting student concerts and events

In addition to our excellent blues vocal courses, we also arrange periodic student concerts and events where you can perform in front of other students in a non-judgmental setting!

On a regular basis you can join in our exciting concerts and enjoy the company of other like-minded pop vocal enthusiasts!

It is the perfect setting to both socialise and get better at learning how to sing in front of a live audience in a non-judgmental setting.

Pop vocal course details

Your pop vocal lessons with us will take place on a weekly basis.

We following the standard financial quarters of the year and provide 12 lessons in each quarter with 1 week natural break.

Your lessons will take place at a set time each and every week as it is vital to have weekly input in order to become a fantastic singer! (Even if it is just for fun!)

Courses start from ONLY £165 per calendar month and you can join anytime of the year. (Payment works on a month-by-month basis)

We require a minimum commitment of three months, and thereafter you are on a running month-to-month course. (We ask for one month notice in case you need to stop your course)

Most of our students stay with us for many many months and even years as we always aim to provide outstanding vocal tuition dedicated to adults!

How to contact us for your pop singing course:

To get started with your one-to-one pop singing course and to find our more about what we offer, simple contact us here.

Alternatively send an email to and we will be delighted to help you join.