What to expect as an intermediate singing student

When teaching intermediate vocal students, we are building upon a foundation of previously explored vocal techniques, whether that is if you are a student already or a new student with a previous background in singing. Teaching will focus on developing already learned techniques and approaches but with more of an attention to theory and more advanced technique.

Students will be expected to have basic music reading skills (if not they can be introduced to basic notation and understanding of time), and can expect to study rhythm and timing to a deeper level, especially in a jazz and blues context, with skills such as ‘counting in’ and how to lead an ensemble.

We will aim to guide you through introducing harder repertoire with more varied genres and styles, and application of suitable techniques that enable you to progress both in terms of musical complexity, and vocal agility by extending your range and improving vocal tone, variation and control over your instrument and breath technique.

You will be stretched in a good way and we will work with you to improve your overall technique!

You will also develop an understanding of how to pitch effectively and receive general aural training through learning scales, intervals, hearing notes and repeating them accurately and basic understanding on harmony and chord progressions.

Further, for jazz and blues singers a more detailed and harmonically complex approach to improvisation will be studied, with students learning more advanced scales and singing over more complicated chord progressions.

All popular styles will also develop a more nuanced approach to vocal expression, dynamics and performance technique. Focusing on developing an awareness of different vocal styles and techniques to produce a desired emotional effect, or to in keep with a stylistic quality to result in learning how to give a convincing, authentic vocal performance.

Students should be engaging with listening to music and starting to develop a taste for suitable repertoire. Students will also learn general musicianship skills and further develop their confidence in singing and enjoyment of their instrument!

Courses offered to intermediate students at The London Singing Institute

To find out more about the various options we offer you as an intermediate singing student looking to improve your voice, please visit our singing courses page