Learn how to sing in the City of London.

Take singing lessons at lunchtime, evening or during the daytime in the City!

Learning how to sing is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.

Taking that first step to just get started is the path to your vocal and musical success!

Did you know that you do not need any musical talent to learn how to sing?

Great singers are made through ardent and persistent practice, they are not born!

At the London Singing Institute, we offer vocal education in the City of London for all levels.

We firmly believe that absolutely anybody can learn how to sing regardless of age.

It is only a matter of excellent education and consistent daily practice!

Benefit from outstanding vocal lessons with top teachers in the heart of the City

Enjoy world-class vocal tuition for adults with excellent vocal teachers who will help you discover your inner voice!

Remember, you DO NOT need any prior experience to join a course in the City of London.

Playing an instrument or understanding music theory is absolutely not a requirement to join.

With us, you can come as you are and enjoy outstanding vocal lessons close to your office in the City of London.

It is the perfect opportunity for you to get away from it all and enjoy lunchtime or evening singing lessons in the City of London.

We are located right in the heart of the City of London.

Discover your unique voice!

We believe that you have a voice like no other!

Your voice is your signature and the secret is to fine-tune that signature to produce a strong confident tone that is the perfect YOU!

We will always encourage you to open up and sing and produce beautiful sounds as unique as you are!

Enjoy exclusive student concerts and events

In addition to world-class vocal coaching for adults, you will benefit from exclusive student concerts and events held in prestigious locations in Central London.

You will then have an opportunity to sing in front of a non-judgmental audience in the perfect setting.

And don’t worry, you do not have to sing in front of others if that is not your cup of tea!

At the events, you will meet like-minded vocal enthusiasts and students of the voice! (Who are simply passionate about singing!)

Improve your voice and develop your professional career in the City

A massive advantage of taking singing lessons in the City of London is the fact that you will become a lot more confident in your day-to-day business communications, meetings and presentations.

Having a solid cognitive understanding of how your voice works will help you gain a more confident and persuasive business voice!

Having control over your voice will mean having more control over your business dealings!

Learning how to sing is definitely a massive advantage to your career!

Our vocal courses in the City of London

We offer a range of vocal courses for all abilities in the City of London.

You can choose between one-to-one vocal lessons or group vocal tuition.

You can study for 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes per week.

The monthly fee for group vocal tuition is £185 per calendar month and one-to-one starts from £165 per month.

We also require a one-time registration fee of £65, payable upon joining a course with the London Singing Institute.

The registration fee covers all the administration around your course as well as arranging concerts and student events.

Contact us for your vocal courses in London

The best way to contact us for your vocal courses in London is to contact our manager Stefan at enrol@londonsinginginstitute.co.uk

You can also phone us on 0207 127 0717 between 9am to 6pm.

Join London’s most distinguished vocal academy for adults

Exclusive vocal instruction for adults of all ages and abilities (absolute beginners are very welcome!)