Are you looking for outstanding evening singing lessons in central London?

Would you like to join a singing course with outstanding singing teachers in the evening after work?

At the London Singing Institute, we provide world-class vocal lessons in the evenings in both group and one-to-one format.

We have two fabulous locations for adult singing lessons in central London.

You can choose between learning to sing in Mayfair or in the heart of the City of London for your evening singing classes.

No prior experience is required to join an evening singing course with us

The best part is that you do not need any prior musical or vocal experience to start your course.

Zilch, nada, nothing is required.

We have in fact proven time and again that we can teach adults of all ages from scratch and help them reach their vocal dreams.

If you are passionate about learning to sing, but you feel that you need a bit more experience, do not despair!

We welcome total beginners with arms wide open.

Join an exciting beginner evening class, where you can learn from scratch even if you have never sung a note in your life before!

Have you always wanted to sing, but you feel that you are simply not talented?

Let us prove you wrong!

Sure, you will need to practice on a regular basis, but with time and great vocal training, you will learn how to sing.

In fact, every week more and more beginners are discovering the joy of learning how to sing in our dedicated evening singing lessons.

Demand is very high for our evening singing courses – book your space now

Our evening slots are pretty popular, so make sure you book your favourite time slot now.

Joining an evening singing course with us is really really easy!

You simply send an email to our manager Stefan Joubert at

You can expect a prompt and personal reply with all our evening singing course options.

After you’ve selected the course option that you want to go for and the time slot, then your course will start.

Yes, it is an easy and seamless process.

Simply get in touch now.

Contact us here.

Participate in vocal concerts and events

In addition to your weekly evening singing lessons, you can attend and sing in our non-judgmental student concerts.

Singing in front of others is always optional – we know that performing is not everyone’s cup of tea!

We are a dedicated adult singing Academy and with us, you can be assured of learning the right way of singing from your first vocal lesson.

You can expect to make outstanding progress on a weekly basis.

To make your vocal dreams a reality, take the first step and send an email to Stefan:

Remember regardless of false beliefs, you can absolutely learn how to sing as an adult.

All that is required is a willingness to learn and practice along with excellent vocal tuition on a weekly basis!

You do not need prior experience to get started, and you have an amazing and special voice within! (The secret is discovering your hidden voice and learning how to use your voice properly)

We look forward to providing you with excellent vocal lessons at the London Singing Institute!

Join London’s most distinguished vocal academy for adults

Exclusive vocal instruction for adults of all ages and abilities (absolute beginners are very welcome!)