Summer Singing Courses in London

Discover our exciting summer singing courses in London.

Are you passionate about singing?

Would you like to drastically increase your technical abilities and vocal skills?

Would you like to learn tips and tricks from London’s best singers?

At The London Singing Institute, we offer fantastic summer singing courses specifically designed to help you make significant progress in a short period.

In our summer courses, you can choose between studying intensively on a one-to-one basis (3 to 10 hours per week) with an outstanding instructor, or join one of the group summer singing courses.

The group summer singing course is available for two vocal skill levels.

The first course is for those who have never sung before.

The second course is for those who sang in the past but want to increase their technique and vocal abilities.

Course details

The beginner summer singing course is an excellent foundational course for those looking to learn the basics of singing.

The course runs for six weeks during the summer and is specifically designed to teach you the basics of how to use your voice.

You can then gain vocal confidence to develop your voice further.

You do not need to be concerned or nervous as all our instructors understand total beginners. (See our page on: why you do not need to fear singing lessons as a beginner)

You will be in excellent hands, and our instructors will be very patient and caring with you!

You will learn the following during your six weeks beginner summer course:

  • You will learn the importance of using your entire body when singing
  • You will learn the secrets of how to breathe correctly
  • You will learn how to produce a good vocal tone
  • You will learn how to sing in a group format and harmonise with others
  • You will learn how to conquer vocal fears and learn how to sing with ease
  • To book your course, it is advised to join as early as possible.

Space is limited.

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Exclusive vocal instruction for adults of all ages and abilities (absolute beginners are very welcome!)