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How to Sing When You Have a Cold


When you find yourself facing an important performance with a cold, don't let a phlegmy throat and runny nose deter you. Learn how to sing when you have a cold and make the most of your situation, even when rescheduling isn't an option. Here are some top tips to help you sing your best even if you’re not feeling it. Don’t Try and Sing if Your Cold is Chesty If you feel your cold moving to your chest, you won’t be able to get enough power from your lungs to sing your very best. In this case, you’ll need to cancel [...]

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How do you know if you’ve strained your voice?


As a singer, you must keep your voice in tip-top condition to ensure you are always in the best form for the next concert or performance. But even the most conscientious of vocalists sometimes strain their voice, and it's not always obvious that it has happened until too late. Let’s look at why your voice might be strained, how you can tell, and what you can do about it. What causes a strained voice? There are many reasons why you might strain your voice. For beginner singers, it might just be a case of pushing your vocal abilities too far. But [...]

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10 Tips for Maintaining Your Vocal Health


For singers, our voice is our instrument, and we must take proper care of it! You wouldn’t go canoeing on your double bass or use a piano as a planter – your vocal health needs to be suitably looked after too, so you can always sing at your best. Here are 10 simple tips for maintaining your vocal health. Warm Up! Professional athletes always warm up their bodies to prevent injury or strain. Your warmup, as a vocalist, is an important part of your singing routine and must be included whether you are practicing or performing. This is a great way [...]

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How to take care of your voice


Taking good care of your voice as a singer is essential as it is your musical instrument and you must protect it as much as you can. Taking good care of a piano, for instance, isn’t that complicated as long as you get it tuned on a regular basis and ensure that the temperature and humidity/dryness of the room is maintained at a consistent level. In the unlikely case that it would get damaged, you can always purchase a new one, but you can sadly not buy a new voice! That is the reason why you should really protect your voice [...]

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