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Stefan Joubert is the manager of the London Singing Institute. He is passionate about helping adults find their voice. He truly believes that no one is too old or not talented enough to start singing. To drastically improve your voice with some of London's most outstanding vocal coaches, contact Stefan at

10 Best Practice Tips for Musicians


How to Practice Effectively: 10 Best Practice Tips for Musicians The career of a musician can often be unpredictable. You could be busy one month and have a completely empty schedule the next. If you’ve recently found yourself with a lot more spare time, this is the perfect opportunity to practice, update your repertoire and hone your craft so that you’re ready to take on more gigs anytime. But practising isn’t just about playing as much as you can! There are steps you can take to make it much more effective and use your time wisely. Try our 10 best practice [...]

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Remote collaboration: considerations for musicians


In light of recent events, many of us are seeking ways to stay connected to our audiences and clients from our homes, while maintaining a steady income. Because of this, livestream usage has grown by 70% in the last few weeks on Instagram alone. Online streaming and virtual work environments could be useful ways to ensure your fans stay in touch with you and your clients can keep using your services. Although some feel forced into seeking out remote collaboration tools, they could lead to positive experiences, such as accessing a larger talent pool and customer base. Depending on your career, [...]

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10 Music Audition Tips to Nail your Next Audition!


Whether you’re a singer or musician, if you do covers or originals, attending auditions comes with the territory! Many see it as a nerve-racking experience, the pressure is on, the spotlight is on you and it makes even the most confident performers a little nervous. Your mindset can really make or break the audition, so it’s important that you try to stay calm under pressure and change your perspective of the situation. While singing auditions and music auditions, in general, can be a source of anxiety, they are also great opportunities for you to meet new people, advance in your career [...]

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Music and the environmental movement


The increasing number of consumers and industries are turning the conversation towards sustainability, in light of climate change and environmental disasters. As we enjoy listening to our favourite artists and being entertained by stunning live shows, we often forget the impacts these activities have on our planet. Touring, in particular, can be incredibly taxing on the environment, due to the number of crew members, planes, private jets, tour buses and trucks being utilised. Not to mention, the large number of crowds travelling by car to see their idols perform. Luckily, several artists have started meaningful conversations about the impacts of touring [...]

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Why Do We Sing?


Many of us like to sing professionally, while others sing in the shower, in their car, at karaoke or anytime they hear their favourite song. Almost all of us love music and we join in with singing and chanting, whether at sports events, church, festivals and more. It’s no secret that we are deeply connected to music, we have an appreciation for it and it’s a form of self-expression and a way to bring us together. But, have you ever wondered why we are able to sing in the first place? Many animals, humans included, produce a variety of sounds from [...]

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Government Plan for Music Education


Where did you first fall in love with music? Did you pick up an instrument at your local school, joined a choir, band or orchestra? Studies have shown that musical activities not only enrich a child’s learning experience but also nourish academic success. Music education is an irreplaceable part of our schools and many of us have benefitted from it greatly. Unfortunately, music education has faced cuts, lack of funding and rapid decline in recent years. In order to tackle this, the UK government has announced a new plan to shape the future of music education, offering a once in a [...]

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Singing and Speech Development


Do we learn to speak before we can sing? Or is singing instrumental in our language development? Several studies have drawn a powerful link between singing and speech development, highlighting the important role singing and music plays in all stages of life. Many people take on singing at school or in their adulthood, however, it’s recommended that we are taught to sing from the very early stages of our life. Learning a foreign language? You wouldn’t believe how much singing can help! In this article, we will explore why our speech and language would not be the same without songs. Singing [...]

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Why do we like imperfections in music?


Wherever you turn today, you are likely to see airbrushed photos and video content with perfect lighting, makeup and editing. The same quest for perfection bleeds into the music we listen to. Modern technology has allowed us to have more control of our performances and the sound of the final tracks. Digital recording and a variety of software lets us edit pitch, timing and even vibrato of our vocals and other elements of the song. But is this really what we want out of our music? No one is arguing that technological advancements have made it easier to create music, however, [...]

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5 Ways A Vocal Coach Will Help You Sing Better


So, you’ve started to sing – do you need a vocal coach? Or maybe you’re a self-taught singer and feel like you’ve stopped making progress? Regardless of where you are in your journey as a vocalist, a vocal coach can help you improve, progress and impart their knowledge on how to produce sound properly and avoid injuring or harming yourself whilst singing. You may have a favourite song you’ve always wanted to sing, or you may wish to try a new genre that feels out of reach. With their experience and training, a vocal coach can help you achieve those singing [...]

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The Science Behind Singing: What Happens When We Sing?


Music is one of the most amazing forms of self-expression and communication available to us. Being able to sing gives you the opportunity to make music using your own unique instrument – your singing voice. Unbeknownst to you, there are a lot of complex mechanisms happening in your brain and body to support your singing abilities. Scientists have also identified a range of benefits singing has on your mental and physical health. Understanding how we create sound and the profound effects it has on us can be crucial in developing your own vocal and using singing to your advantage to improve [...]

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