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Think you missed the boat when it comes to voice lessons?

Wrong. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, it may be easier than you think to improve your vocals with expert voice lessons. We at The London Singing Institute want to help you to do this. Our teachers have helped countless vocalists get started and improve their singing skills through the years with great success.

We take pride in understanding your individual position, goals and needs, working to create a learning schedule that works for you and is going to help you reach what you have set out to achieve.

Why learn to sing?

Budding vocalists come to us with a variety of different motivations for undertaking voice lessons.

Some want to perform solo in front of an audience, some want to boost their confidence to take part in group singing such as a choir and some just want to learn a new skill. At The London Singing Institute, whatever your motivation may be, we are here to help you achieve your vocal dreams.

You may be surprised to discover that taking voice lessons doesn’t just help you to sing better. It can also help you learn a number of other related skills that can improve the quality of your life.

For example, through our voice classes in London, you may also learn to read music, about various different musical styles, how to recognise and hit specific notes, breathe better and strengthen your lungs, discover your own voice and even master the fundamentals of music theory.

Clearly, taking voice lessons isn’t just about the voice, but also a path to great self-improvement and fulfilment. So, when we are asked ‘why should I learn to sing’ we always answer ‘to better yourself’.

Best adult voice lessons London

We truly believe that our voice lessons are the best in London, and so do our students.

With some of the best singers and vocal teachers in the city, our school is unlike our competitors. We maintain a major focus on and are experts in designing lessons specifically for adults. This means that all our teaching methods are tailored specifically to helping adults like you to learn how to sing better.

Not only are our teaching methods tailored to adult learners, but we have also created mature environments that are relaxing, calm and ideal for adults to learn in. Each of our music studios has been specifically designed for comfort and contain a piano for accompanying purposes.

Our central London locations make it easy to get to and from your lessons whether travelling from work or home.

Why choose The London Singing Institute?

Sure there are other voice lesson providers in London, but no one does it quite like us.

We undergo a thorough and extensive selection process to find our teachers. Each of whom is top-notch vocalists themselves with years of experience in teaching others how to do it. Your teacher is trained to understand your goals and adapt your lessons to help you achieve them.

For example, if you want to learn how to sing rock, your teacher will apply the most accepted and tested techniques for that style, taking a different approach than if you were interested in singing musical theatre or opera. This means your results are tailored to you rather than following the same process as everyone else.

Not only will your teacher tailor voice lesson content to the particular style you are interested in mastering, but they also adapt the content based on the individual. Nervous singers will be able to take things at a slower pace and those with confidence will be able to excel quickly if they so choose.

As adult voice experts that believe in the way the natural voice and body works, we use teaching methods best suited to you that will make you feel comfortable with the way you sound.

The competitive edge

We give you a competitive edge by making taking voice lessons in London easier.

Our purpose-built music studios for vocal tuition are based in the heart of The City of London, with a branch also located in central Mayfair. This makes it easier for you to get to your lessons whether you are on a lunch break or on your way home from work.

Depending on your preferred learning style we also offer a wide range of study options, from studying in a dynamic group of other learners at your level through to one-to-one voice lessons in jazz, classical and pop/rock.

From experience, we know that consistency is the key to singing success and we guarantee lessons are provided weekly without any interruption, at the same time in the same place.

For those that want to build confidence and practice in front of an audience, we also offer students the opportunity to perform at our regular student concerts and events where you will be able to show your friends and family how your singing progress is coming along.

Unlike other schools, we actually promise our students that they will see results. This is of course based on the condition that the student practice as well as following our guidance and advice.

Whether you want to live out your dreams of performing in front of a large audience or just want to boost your confidence and sound better whilst belting out your favourite songs in the shower then The London Singing Institute can help you get there.

Our dedication and focus on helping adults to improve their singing mean we have unprecedented knowledge of working with people like you to achieve their goals. Our professional environments reflect this commitment with all the space and facilities you will need. Being 100% adult-focused means that you can focus on improving in a mature and relaxed space.

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