What students say


I have learned singing with Amy for four months, and I have a great time learning with her.

Singing is my favourite thing since I was a child, so I did not think too much before I decided to learn it with a professional singer.

The only thing I know is that if doing this makes me happy then I should do it, and I do have so much fun and learn a lot from it.
Amy is a great teacher with excellent vocal skill and a very nice person to communicate with.

And during the time to arrange my lesson, the manager Stefan is so supportive and patient, I appreciate that.

Well, Study in the London Singing Institute is a wonderful experience for me, thanks for providing such an excellent place for people who love singing.

I’m glad that I chose to learn singing here in my spare time.



I enrolled in a singing course for beginners hoping to learn some basic singing techniques.

But I am getting away vastly more than that.

It was a total vocal makeover!

The professional vocal coach tailored the lessons to fit my singing level and corrected my old singing habits from day one.

After a few lessons, I was able to sing much better.

The lesson was enjoyable.

The teaching style was logical and effective.

I am glad I have chosen to enrol with the London Singing Institute.

Fa Traisorat

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Working with Michael from The London Singing Institute has been so far a bless. He has been able to get me out of my own shell and I have seen improvement with the way I sing, he is very talented, patient and a great musician to work with. I would highly recommend Michael to whoever wishes to start singing either to pursue a professional career or just as passion.”


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If you’re looking for a fantastic singing teacher who is not only skilled in her craft but also incredibly patient and supportive, look no further than Eliana from London Singing Institute! I have had the pleasure of taking singing lessons from her for several years now, and I can honestly say that she is one of the best instructors I have ever had.

From the very first lesson, Eliana was able to identify areas where I needed improvement and tailor her instruction to meet my specific needs. She is able to explain complex vocal techniques in a way that is easy to understand and implement, which has helped me make significant progress in my singing ability.

What I appreciate most about Eliana is her patience and positivity. She creates a safe and welcoming environment where I feel comfortable making mistakes and taking risks with my voice. Her feedback is always constructive and supportive, which has helped me gain confidence in my singing abilities.

In addition to being an excellent teacher, Eliana is also a talented musician and singer herself. It’s clear that she is passionate about music and genuinely cares about her students’ success.

Overall, I would highly recommend Eliana to anyone looking for singing lessons. Her expertise, patience, and positivity make her an exceptional teacher, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.