Yes you can sing!

It’s not merely a phrase but the very motto by which we live.

We firmly believe that you could all the talent needed to become the singer that you want to be!

The secret is to find the voice within. With our expert vocal coaches, your singing lessons will be taken care of once and for all and you will discover is a whole new you and just how your voice operates.

It doesn’t matter if you are  15 or 85…  no age is too old to learn. You can make your dreams come true as long as you are willing to believe in yourself and in your vision.

We specialise in adults vocal tuition and our differentiating factors is that we only teach adults! YES WE SPECIALISE IN TEACHING ADULTS!

We help adults who are nervous and fearful about singing. In short, we give you the confidence to become the singer you have always wanted to become.

Regardless of your musical background or experience,  The London Singing Institute you will help you learn the secrets of singing with excellent instructors.

If you’re an absolute beginner, do not fear – help this here! We cater for all levels and styles.

Learning to sing, is one of the most amazing things you can learn how to do!

Your instrument is always with you, and you can always express yourself and make yourself heard!

Join London’s most distinguished vocal academy for adults

Exclusive vocal instruction for adults of all ages and abilities (absolute beginners are very welcome!)