Offering singing lessons as a gift for Christmas is invaluable, as it worth much more than any ordinary present.

Receiving a singing lesson gift voucher from The London Singing Institute is exceptionally precious, and will undoubtedly be remembered forever!

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Singing lessons designed for mature learners

At The London Singing Institute, we specialise in teaching singing enthusiasts from all abilities, from absolute beginners to advanced amateur singers. Our teaching methods are designed to suit all adults whatever the style they are interested in studying. Our wonderful team of singing instructors focus both on providing the most excellent singing instruction and ensuring that all the singing lessons are enjoyable and educational. It is extremely important for us to teach all our singing students in the most professional manner possible to ensure that they succeed greatly. If you are looking to purchase a singing lesson gift voucher for Christmas, The London Singing Institute is without a doubt the most recommended singing academy for adults in London.

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Studying singing in an exquisite environment

Our Christmas singing lesson gift vouchers can be redeemed in our gorgeous singing studios, that have been decorated beautifully, to ensure that studying the singing at The London Singing Institute provides singing learners with an unforgettable experience. Singing lessons can be scheduled from Monday to Saturday, at a convenient time for both the singing instructor and his or her students.

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From absolute beginners to proficient singers

At The London Singing Institute, we offer singing lessons to adults of all abilities, from absolute beginners to advanced. Thanks to the remarkable experience and impressive knowledge of our singing teachers, you can be ensured that the singing lover to whom you have offered a Christmas singing lesson gift voucher, will be taken care of perfectly. So whether you wish to offer a Christmas singing lesson gift voucher to an absolute beginner with no prior musical experience, or a proficient amateur singer, his/her experience will be incredible!

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Classical, jazz, blues, rock, pop or musical theatre singing lessons

At The London Singing Institute, we understand that tastes and wishes are different from a person to another. It is the reason why we work with excellent singing instructors who specialise in various music genres. We wish to ensure that all singing learners study the repertoire of their choice.

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