Speech and singing

Melody vs Lyrics: Which Is More Important?


Melody and lyrics are intertwined and are both crucial parts of making song truly great. If you are a songwriter, however, which should you focus on the most and which aspect of the song are people more likely to connect with? Do we read into every lyric or is a great melody enough to stay memorable, even if lyrics leave more to be desired? We explore the complex and interesting topic of melody vs lyrics in this article. Is Melody Really All You Need? Many would say that melody takes the upper hand over lyrics. This is because lyrics can sometimes [...]

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Singing and Speech Development


Do we learn to speak before we can sing? Or is singing instrumental in our language development? Several studies have drawn a powerful link between singing and speech development, highlighting the important role singing and music plays in all stages of life. Many people take on singing at school or in their adulthood, however, it’s recommended that we are taught to sing from the very early stages of our life. Learning a foreign language? You wouldn’t believe how much singing can help! In this article, we will explore why our speech and language would not be the same without songs. Singing [...]

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