Studio recording vs live performance: How to prepare for both


As a singer, you may have mastered the art of incredible showmanship and you are able to entertain a crowd without ever second-guessing yourself. Or you may be used to recording in a studio and the red light syndrome has become an alien concept to you. To become a versatile musician, you need to be comfortable performing in any environment. There are different goals and expectations when comparing studio recording vs live performance. Just because you’re comfortable on stage, doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same way in a recording studio and vice versa. We want to give you the tools you [...]

Studio recording vs live performance: How to prepare for both2021-04-28T14:52:03+01:00

Why do we like imperfections in music?


Wherever you turn today, you are likely to see airbrushed photos and video content with perfect lighting, makeup and editing. The same quest for perfection bleeds into the music we listen to. Modern technology has allowed us to have more control of our performances and the sound of the final tracks. Digital recording and a variety of software lets us edit pitch, timing and even vibrato of our vocals and other elements of the song. But is this really what we want out of our music? No one is arguing that technological advancements have made it easier to create music, however, [...]

Why do we like imperfections in music?2020-05-14T10:29:02+01:00

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