July 2, 2022

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Have you ever had that feeling that you want to pursue something but you’re holding yourself back? Maybe you’re afraid of failure, maybe you don’t think you have enough time – whatever the reason, the concept of learning something new can be intimidating. It’s the fear of the unknown or feeling like we’re not ready to make space for a new activity in our lives that can hold us back from an incredible experience.

If you’ve always wanted to take adult singing lessons, let us clear those doubts for you! Here are 5 excuses that stop you from taking adult singing lessons and how to overcome them.

1. It’s Too Late To Start Singing

Many of us fall victim to the misconception that you’re either a talented singer in your childhood or you don’t become a singer at all. If you haven’t reached your peak in your teens or twenties, why bother now, right? Wrong. You would never tell someone that it’s too late to get in shape or start learning a new language. And singing is no different!

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Sure, at this point you may be thinking – ok, I can sing as a hobbyist but surely, it’s too late for me to make a career out of singing. Sorry to say, wrong again! There are plenty of artists who have carved successful careers for themselves way beyond their mid-twenties. Leonard Cohen didn’t release his first album until he was 33. Bill Withers was also in his 30s when he achieved success. Or what about Susan Boyle who rose to prominence in her late 40s?

No matter how old you are, there is still time to pursue what you’ve always wanted to do. A great way to look at it is you could spend the rest of your life doing what you’ve always done, or you can start now and give yourself the opportunity to follow your dreams. Remember that it’s all about the journey and honouring your goals. You never know where singing lessons might lead you until you start!

2. I’m Probably Tone Deaf

We hear this all the time from people who don’t believe they are naturally good singers and, therefore, assume they are tone deaf. Tone deafness is an actual condition that affects 5% of the population. It’s called amusia and it is characterised by inability to distinguish between changes in pitch.

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So, unless you have been diagnosed with amusia, chances are you are not tone deaf and simply need training. And what does it mean to be ‘naturally’ good at singing anyway? Sure, some people have a musical talent, but everyone still benefits from training and working on their voice. Don’t let the illusion that you need to be a natural born prodigy deter you from taking adult singing lessons. Singing is a skill, just like any other, and it can be learned when we use the proper tips and techniques.

3. I Don’t Have Time

Unlike taking a time-consuming university or college course, singing really doesn’t have to take up all your time. Of course, more practice is always beneficial, but do what you can for a start. Just 20-30 minutes of singing a day can still lead to incredible progress. It’s better than nothing and will get you off to a great start. This is a small amount of time that just comes down to fitting it in when you can – sometimes sacrificing a bit of TV time or social media scrolling for something that really excites you is worth it.

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Additionally, if you’re worried about travelling to your lessons, you can also learn online. This way, you don’t even have to leave the house and you can sing from an environment that feels comfortable to you. Online lessons can be the way to go if you have a busy schedule already.

4. I’m Anxious About Singing In Front Of Others

This is a common reason why many people stop themselves from taking adult singing lessons. Learning anything new can be a nerve-racking experience but singing feels very vulnerable. This is because we are the instrument, so it’s easier to tie anxieties about singing to your self-worth. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Keep in mind that everyone must start somewhere. No matter the anxieties or frustrations you have about your voice, they probably won’t be there a year from now. As musicians, we must accept ourselves as life-long learners. There will always be ways to improve and new techniques to learn. What matters is the progress you’re making right now, and you should instead focus on how far you’ve come.

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Another way to overcome your anxieties about singing is finding a vocal coach that you connect and feel comfortable with. This has a huge impact on our vocal confidence. It’s important to learn in a non-judgmental, encouraging environment so you can safely overcome any insecurities and learn to embrace and love your singing voice. The right coach can make all the difference in your singing journey!

5. I Don’t Know Any Musicians Or Singers

If you don’t come from a musical background, stepping out of your comfort zone, and learning to sing can feel intimidating. But guess what? Musicians are social creatures, and you’ll find your community of music makers and vocalists in no time!

Once you embark on your singing journey, there are so many ways to meet other musical friends. You can join a choir, an ensemble, start a band, head to open mic nights in your area and more. Not to mention, there are group singing lessons available where you can meet other beginners who are on the same page as you. The bottom line is, immerse yourself in a musical environment and you will make new connections soon enough.

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