July 3, 2022

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Have you always dreamt about singing? Maybe there’s a vocalist that you have been particularly inspired by? As you start your musical journey through adult singing lessons, there are many singing styles available for you to explore. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, let’s look at the most popular singing styles we teach at London Singing Institute and find out more about them.

opera singer


Have you been inspired by famous opera singers and want to try classical singing? It’s regarded as one of the most complicated genres to sing and, classical music in general, is often seen as one that leaves less room for creative and artistic interpretation. But there is definitely scope for freedom in classical music.

Let’s take the characteristic vibrato for example. It requires total release to produce it, not to mention there is plenty of room for inflections and embellishments, especially in genres like baroque. Classical singing also requires a larger vocal range, giving you a lot of freedom throughout your voice. It’s a great option for developing an incredible range and dexterity.

music theatre rehearsal

Musical Theatre

If you are a keen actor who also wants to take up adult singing lessons, musical theatre might be the right choice for you! The great thing about this genre of singing is that it encompasses endless styles of music. You can hear everything from rap to classical influences to pop and everything in between.

Musical theatre singing is often combined with dancing and movement, so you’ll need a good stamina to keep up with the lengthy performances. Working on your vocal dexterity and versatility will give you a great advantage in this genre. It is perfect for everyone who wants to find their community through musical theatre, have fun and tap into their acting capabilities too.

rock female singer


Boisterous and loud, rock is the perfect artistic choice for those of us who are high-energy performers! Rock is an amazing choice for developing that powerful mixed voice range and creating raspy tones with powerful vibratos. You can also develop your screaming technique in a healthy way through learning to sing rock.

Every vocalist can benefit from a bit of power and aggression that will come through singing rock songs. Even if this isn’t your main genre, you will still learn a lot of useful techniques.

female singer with headphones


From perfectly polished belts to whisper pop, this is one of the most popular styles for a good reason. It can suit a range of vocal types and their natural tones as it blends a variety of singing techniques. Pop can often feel like one of the most accessible styles to learn, since it doesn’t necessarily require an extensive vocal range or complex music theory background to get started.

It will, however, teach you how to find your unique style, get comfortable with singing harmonies and it can be a great pathway towards song writing too.

jazz singer with band


If you’ve always wanted to dive into the complexities of music theory, learn to improvise on the spot, jazz singing is the way to go! With its silky-smooth vocal runs, understated vocal power and intricate instrumentation, this is a truly advanced genre of music that will be a great challenge for any vocalist.

You will learn to go from soft, intimate vocals to loud, belting passages. Jazz music will give you a world-class music theory background and understanding. The versatility you’ll gain from learning in this genre will help you approach other styles with much more ease.

blues singer in red


Blues is all about the emotion! It achieves this through the characteristically melancholic tones, catchy rhythms, while keeping the lyrics relatively simple and easy to relate to.

This singing style started off with no accompaniment, so developing vocal technique that can truly carry a song on its own from the rhythms to vocal dexterity will give true homage to this genre of singing. The way you connect with your audience will be crucial, so blues will help you convey raw, unpolished emotion, which can be so important for budding and experienced singers to learn.

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