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5 Tips for Learning with a Vocal Coach Online


Although we are excited to resume adult singing lessons in our Central London premises, we have met many new students during lockdown who are continuing to learn with a vocal coach online. Many musicians find this approach to be convenient, cost-effective and less time consuming as there is no need to travel. Not to mention, you can learn with any vocal coach, no matter where they are in the world. This way, you can find one that best suits your needs, and ensure you have a real connection with them. There are some challenges to online learning, so we have put [...]

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10 Tips to study online and make the most out of your lessons


In light of current events causing many of us to practice social distancing or self-isolation, studying remotely is a way to return some normality and routine into our lives. Although online learning has been popular for quite some time due to its flexibility and accessibility, more and more music teachers and students are switching to it right now. It’s fantastic that we now have access to learn from the comfort of our own home, however, it’s certainly different from learning in a traditional classroom and there may be some challenges to overcome. Here are our top tips to study online so [...]

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The best online music lesson setup?


Finding the Best Online Music Lesson Setup An increasing number of music teachers and students are moving into the realm of online music lessons. They are an amazing way to connect educators and pupils from differing geographical locations, to learn from the comfort of your own home, thus saving time and money. But there are, of course, complications when it comes to learning this way. Technical issues, lack of video and audio clarity can all lead to a poor online learning experience. We have put together our online music lesson tips to help you make the most of them! Consider your [...]

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5 Surprising benefits of online singing lessons


One of the best things about modern technology is that it allows the music and teaching industry adapt to the current climate. As more and more of us are seeking ways to work remotely and use technology to stay in touch with everyone, singing is another practice that is increasingly being taught online. For those of us moving from traditional, face to face in-person lessons, this is a brand-new territory, and it makes some people wonder about the pros and cons of online singing lessons. It may surprise you that there are actually a lot of benefits to studying remotely, so [...]

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