June 11, 2023

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While we promote singing lessons for everyone, there are a few people who might not be a good fit for our services. Read on to find out if any of these apply to you before you book your first class.

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You Don’t Enjoy Singing

Believe it or not, there are people in the world who hate singing! We sympathize greatly with you if you are a part of this small margin of society and wish you the best. But this antithesis towards the thing we love the most probably means you won’t want to join any of our groups.

You Won’t Practice

Maybe you really love singing but you don’t have the motivation or discipline to spend a few minutes each day perfecting your art. Your voice is the same as any other musical instrument – you need to work at getting every note right, which means at least a few minutes practice each day. If you can dedicate more time than that, even better!

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You Think You Know it All

Why join a class full of singers looking to progress their skill if you already know everything there is to know about singing? Chances are, you don’t know as much as you think you do. Or, there might be a small token of wisdom for you to collect in your singing classes that you might miss if you are not willing to listen. Either way, you’d be wasting your money by joining our groups.
If, however, you are eager to learn and take advice, you might be a fantastic candidate!

You Don’t Think You Can Sing

The key word here is ‘think’. You need to build up some confidence in your ability if you ever have any hope of being a valuable part of a group. You might not be Whitney Houston, but everyone can train their voice to become a better singer than they used to be. So, believe in yourself and know that the only way is up!

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You Want to Outshine Everyone

There is no space for overinflated egos in a group singing situation. The group needs to work together for the most harmonious effect. So, if you have visions of out-singing everyone else, you need to squash them now. Or perhaps consider one-on-one singing lessons instead.

You’re Just Looking to Impress a Potential Date

The girls love a lead singer, don’t they?! And what boy isn’t in love with Taylor Swift? Sorry to say it, but singing lessons are not an easy route to a red-hot date. In fact, they may even hinder it, as you’ll soon fall hard in love with making the best of your voice, which will put all thoughts of the opposite sex out of your head (at least for the space of time in which you are practising). Choose singing because you like it, and not to impress anyone else, because if you don’t enjoy it, your efforts will come across as fake.

When considering taking singing lessons, it is important to consider your ‘why’. What are you hoping to get out of this? What do you think you will achieve. There are no wrong answers, but your motivations will tell you more about whether or not you should sign up than anything else.

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Why Choose the London Singing Institute?

If you genuinely want to improve your singing voice, make new friends, and have fun, then a singing group could be a great choice for you. You’ll have access to an experienced voice coach who can guide you, along with everyone else, and get the best out of your voice. At the same time, you’ll be surrounded by likeminded people who will share your passion for singing and music.

If you are really serious about singing, perhaps hoping to make a career from it, then one-to-one lessons might be better for you. These ensure the focus is completely on you, with your voice coach tailoring sessions to improve your voice. You’ll still have fun, but the social side of singing is reduced.

If none of these things apply, maybe singing isn’t for you right now. Read through the bullet points above and be honest with yourself. Are you going to give 100% into your singing, to get the most out of these sessions? If not, you might prefer to try an instrument, dancing, or something completely different.

Ready to commit to singing? Get in touch. The voice coaches at the London Singing Institute are excited to meet you.

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