Learning how to sing properly is a dream for many adults across the world.

Unfortunately, most adults never pursue their dreams and make their dreams come true.

There is however no reason why you cannot learn how to sing!

At The London Singing Institute, we specialise in adult singing lessons and we know exactly how to help you to sing regardless of your current experience.

Yes, we welcome total beginners!

Our weekly singing classes in central London is specifically designed for adult vocal lessons, and you will learn the secrets of singing in each weekly singing class with your instructor.

Beginner adult vocal student singing

Yes, you can learn how to sing as an adult beginner

Yes, yes, and again yes – you can learn how to sing!

Even if you never sang a note in your entire life…

The facts are that singing is just like any other endeavour.

You have to learn the mechanics of how to sing first, and then practice weekly to improve your voice!

It is really as simple as that.

Of course, to learn proper singing technique requires expert vocal education and that is exactly what we offer you.

During the course of your weekly singing classes, you will gradually develop your voice and naturally improve your tone and pitch quality.

Yes, you can sing!

The hardest part is just to get started!

Did you know that the hardest part of learning how to sing is often getting started?

Delaying your dreams and procrastinating is usually due to fear of the unknown.

That is exactly why we have created a special introductory class called: no-fear introductory singing lesson.

Absolutely anybody can learn how to sing.

That is a fact.

The tough bit is taking that first step of faith to book your singing class!

The truth is, you simply need to give it a go!

It does not matter what you think about your voice.

We know that you can learn how to sing.

It is just a matter of studying with an excellent coach in one of our weekly vocal classes in central London.

To make your vocal dreams come true, take that first step and contact us now.

Or visit the no-fear introductory lesson page to find out more.

It will take time to learn how to sing properly, but getting over the initial hurdle is the most important part of learning how to sing.

Do not let fear hold you back, give it a go regardless of your current musical level.

Enjoy world-class weekly singing classes in dedicated music rooms in Central London in the City and the West End

At The London Singing Institute, you will benefit from outstanding weekly singing classes in music rooms specifically dedicated to vocal tuition and music-making.

Choose between singing lessons in the City or in the West End in Mayfair.

Each music room also has a piano for accompanying and teaching purposes.

Your weekly singing classes will take place with a vocal teacher who understands you and want to help you improve!

You can also hire our music rooms per hour should you want to practice during the day to improve your voice.

Learning how to sing in a dedicated environment is a big plus when it comes to learning how to sing.

We have purpose build music rooms that are designed to help you make massive progress and to provide you with an outstanding learning experience.

Choose a singing class that suits you!

Our classes are based around you and your unique requirements.

You can choose between weekly one-to-one or group vocal lessons.

You can opt for morning, afternoon or evening singing classes in a format that suits you.

Should you choose private one-to-one vocal tuition, you can select between 30, 45 or 60 minutes per week. (Some of our students do twice 60 minutes a week – very effective if you are looking for fast results and a lot of input from your vocal instructor)

We are open from Monday through to Saturday for singing lessons.

Please visit our dedicated singing courses page for more detailed info about our singing classes.

5 Reasons why you should select The London Singing Institute for your singing classes in London:

Reason 1 – We provide vocal education specifically for adults. We focus on adult tuition and understand what is required in order to help you as an adult learn how to sing. In a nutshell, you are getting dedicated education tailored to you as an adult learner.

Reason 2 – We’ve got outstanding instructors that are truly brilliant when it comes to teaching you how to sing. Learning to sing can be daunting, but with our fabulous instruction, you will overcome any fear that you may have around singing. You will develop your vocal confidence and technique!

Reason 3 – We welcome all levels.  A lot of vocal coaches do require a minimum standard. With us, you can learn how to sing even if you have never sung a note in your entire life. We will help you succeed from the word go! Total beginners are welcome.

Reason 4 – We have two fantastic locations for your singing lessons in London. You can take a singing class with us in the City in Fleet Street or in the West End at our Mayfair location. We are easy to reach from anywhere in London! (Yes, we also offer online Skype vocal tuition too!)

Reason 5 – Quality, quality, quality! We do not skimp on quality. Learn with teachers who know what they are doing. Learn in dedicated music rooms in London’s best locations with rooms designed for adult education. We offer you the best of the best when it comes to adult singing lessons in London!

Contact us to start your singing class in London

Contact us today to make your singing dream a reality.

Remember, the secret to learning how to sing is simply to get started.

We offer outstanding vocal lessons for adults of all ages.

You do not need any prior experience. Total beginners are welcome!

To enquire about our singing courses, simply send an email to our manager Stefan at enrol@londonsinginginstitute.co.uk

We always aim to respond back to you within one working day.

You can also contact us via our contact page.

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