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How To Beat Stage Fright


It happens to the best of us at times. An overwhelming sense of dread, sweaty palms, dry throat. All those people staring at you. A little stage fright can actually be a good thing, motivating you to give the performance of your life. But, if you are too tense, your voice will struggle, and you’ll kick yourself for not doing better. So, here’s how you can beat stage fright for stronger vocals whether you are singing in front of 500,000 people or five. Let Yourself Feel The Stage Fright To overcome any fear, you have to face it. It is okay [...]

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This is the Journey from Beginner Singer to Pro


Have you ever wondered how beginner singers turn into professionals? Most musicians start off somewhere and world-class singers undergo lots of training, trial, and error to get to where they are. So, if you’ve always dreamt of being in the limelight or if your goal has always been to support yourself through singing, here’s what you can expect when you embark on adult singing lessons. Stage 1: Beginner Singer Stage This is where everything is new to you. You are just finding your voice and getting to know it. You may have been inspired by a particular vocalist and want to [...]

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10 Live performance tips for singers


As you progress through your singing lessons for adults, you will likely want to show off your skills and get on stage! Some musicians find performing a little nerve racking, while others feel right at home with everyone watching them. No matter how you feel about live performance, one thing is for sure – proper preparation, consistency and experience will turn you into a confident performer in no time. Our 10 live performance tips for singers will help you put on your best show, whether you’re just starting out or are already earning your stripes as an artist. 1. Practice Makes [...]

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