February 9, 2022

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Most students who come to us for adult singing lessons have been inspired by their idols. But the way media often portrays these artists is as if they all have natural talent or gifts that separate them from ordinary people. This can lead many music enthusiasts to believe that if they don’t have that natural talent, they are less likely to achieve success in music. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and we are here to dispel all the myths about talent vs hard work.

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard

‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’ is one of the most profound and inspiring statements. Sure, having a natural talent and a knack for creating music will get you off to an easier start. If you’re someone who is naturally great at projecting and pitching your voice, or someone who is a natural songwriter, you’ll find it much more encouraging to hit the ground running.

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Talent alone can only get you so far, though. There are many other challenges musicians encounter along the way. You will need to consistently hone your craft and improve, learn new techniques, and develop a work ethic to truly contend in today’s music industry. Often, people who get by on talent alone soon run into difficulties when routine, practice and challenges set in.

This is where developing a consistent, solid work ethic and an unrelenting drive for success will trump talent every time. When you have your drive and consistency to back you up, you will not falter or give up easily in the face of a new challenge or a skill you’re yet to learn. Relying on talent alone can make you lazy or complacent. Working hard will create resilience that is so crucial for success in music.

Perseverance Not Perfection

Think of any time you’ve started something new. A new job, an exercise class, a course. You probably weren’t amazing at it from the start, but you persevered and got that promotion, improved your fitness, or finished your degree. Well guess what – it’s the same with creative endeavours!

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Most incredible people you look up to have been told at one point or another that they aren’t good enough. Shakira’s teacher and classmates used to make fun of her voice. George Ezra said himself he couldn’t sing well when he started out. Colbie Caillat was rejected from American Idol. And even at the height of fame, artists like Beyonce and Lady Gaga still experience criticism and doubts over their artistic talent.

Don’t let others deter you from following your goals! Accept that you are learning, it’s a process and you will stumble and fall and get back up many times. That’s natural. Be open to constructive criticism as it will highlight areas for development but learn to separate useful feedback from negativity. If achieving success in music is important to you, you will get there and you will naturally find your niche. Focus on perseverance and constant development, without expecting perfection – it simply doesn’t exist.

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EQ or IQ?

We can’t discuss talent vs hard work, without considering the importance of emotional versus intelligence quotient. In other words, people who are intellectually gifted will not always fare better than emotionally intelligent people when it comes to education or career, including success in music.

Businesses used to focus on hiring professionals with high IQ levels, however, focus has now shifted towards candidates who have a high level of EQ. This is because crucial ‘soft’ skills like effective communication, empathy and productivity are, in fact, associated with emotional intelligence.

When it comes to achieving success in music, these skills will take you further than talent and a high IQ alone. They will be important for self-awareness, increasing your productivity, connecting, and working with other musicians. This leads us to our next point…

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Other Skills Required to Achieve Success in Music

Ultimately, it isn’t just about talent vs hard work. There are so many aspects that will help you forge a successful creative career as an artist and musician.

Are You Easy to Work With?

One of them is making connections and being able to work collaboratively. You could be the most talented in the room, but if you are rude, unpleasant and struggle to keep up with deadlines or show up on time, it’s unlikely you’ll book more work. Good business and professional skills are often associated with traditional work environments. While some music projects will feel more casual, you still need to maintain a high level of professionalism, communication skills and ability to build your network to secure future opportunities.

What Makes You Unique?

The second is knowing what makes you unique. Sure, you may be a good songwriter or a good singer. But there are millions of people who are doing the same thing! What makes you stand out and what can you do better than most? You don’t have to carve a unique niche and your skill set can absolutely span a few disciplines. In fact, it will make you a more versatile professional. What’s important here is to think of the impression and unique mark you leave on others.

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This is another area where hard work and dedication are your friends. You’ll need to invest hours upon hours of study, practice, trial, and error to hone and nurture your unique sound. There are endless techniques, skills, and schools of thought to learn, and you need to stay open minded and persevere, instead of relying on things that come easy to you. This is how you’ll grow as an artist, increase your versatility, and find your niche that will ultimately lead to success in music.

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