January 20, 2021

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So, you have finally decided to take the next step in your singing career – having formal lessons is a fantastic way to improve your skill set and keep yourself accountable. They are an important part of your continued journey as a vocalist, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced professional. If you search for best singing teachers for adult beginners, we are sure you will come across an overwhelming number of coaches. But which one is right for you? You don’t want to trust just anyone with your voice! Choosing the wrong teacher can result in more than a waste of time and money, it can actually cause long term vocal problems, which can be difficult to undo. That’s why we have compiled our top tips to help you find the very best singing teachers for adult beginners.

Singer on stage

A great singer isn’t always enough

You may be admiring someone’s singing so much you want to be taught by them – you finally start having lessons with this person, but, somehow, you don’t seem to be progressing well at all. This is because the best singing teachers are more than simply amazing vocalists! There is a difference between mastering a craft and being able to adapt your knowledge to suit the needs of a student and present it in a way that is easy to understand. Everyone learns differently, has varying levels of ability and goals. Especially, when it comes to voice – it’s so personal to each of us that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach simply doesn’t cut it. So, as you embark on beginner singing lessons for adults, look out for people who are great teachers and not just great singers.

Qualified singing teacher

Qualifications and experience

Anyone can call themselves a singing teacher, however, qualifications and experience will help you identify a true professional. The best singing teachers for adult beginners will have a proven track record of their education and previous work. Be sure to ask this when you contact your new singing coach and fact check it if you feel unsure.

Vocal technique

Ask your vocal coach if they teach proper vocal technique such as breath control, proper diction, vocal flexibility and more. If they seem confused or simply say no, move on! This is probably one of the most important tips to find the best vocal teachers for adult beginners. You want a vocal coach who is qualified in teaching proper vocal technique. Someone who simply lets you sing the songs could put you at risk of vocal injury or damage, which can take a long time, and sometimes even require surgery, to recover from.

Do they teach your preferred style?

You can find a fantastic coach to start your voice lessons for beginners, but if they are not experienced in the style you want to sing, you will likely have to keep looking. You should be able to find information about their specialisms on their website, but if not, do make sure to ask them about their experience and the styles that they teach.

Understanding your needs

The best singing teachers for adult beginners will be understanding of their students and always keep their goals and needs in mind. Your ideal vocal coach will have experience and understanding of how beginner singing lessons for adults are different than teaching young children. They will also have good insight into why you’re learning to sing and accommodate to those priorities. It’s crucial that your singing teacher can adapt and personalise the lessons to suit your abilities and preferred style of learning.

Commuting to singing lessons

Accessing your lessons

This tip can be easily overlooked, but it’s a very important one, as it will help you stay consistent with your lessons. Your beginner singing lessons for adults should be easy to fit around your schedule and, preferably, nearby if you’re having to travel. Alternatively, good quality remote tuition could be a great option for you. It’s important that you consider how you will access your lessons and ensure your preferred teacher can accommodate.


Always check their reviews when looking for the best singing teachers for adult beginners! Customer feedback can tell you so much about your new vocal coach, even before you’ve met them. If the singing teacher doesn’t have any reviews or has a lot of negative ones, this could be a potential warning sign to steer clear. Word of mouth recommendations are also a great way to identify a teacher that’s right for you.

student talking to singing teacher


From the moment you reach out to a singing teacher about voice lessons for beginners, you should feel there is an instant rapport between you. A vocal coach who truly cares about your success will ask questions about your goals and show interest in helping you achieve them. This shows that they will be invested in your journey right from the start and it will make it much easier for you to develop your voice.

Summary: questions to ask your vocal coach

So, if you want to reach out to a singing teacher, here’s a list of questions you should ask them to make sure they’re right for you!

  • What is your experience and qualifications? Be prepared to pay more for an experienced coach
  • What’s your availability? Make sure they can fit the lessons around your schedule
  • What styles of singing do you teach? Your vocal coach should have relevant experience in your chosen style
  • Do you perform? You may want to hear your vocal teacher sing before you choose to go with them
  • Do you work with a variety of voice types? Make sure your singing teacher has experience with your type of voice
  • What is the average age of your students? The best singing teachers for adult beginners will have plenty experience teaching your age group
  • Do the lessons include vocal technique? This is vital for keeping your voice healthy
  • Do the lessons include music theory? Learning a bit of music theory will be helpful in your musical journey
  • Do you offer sight singing lessons? Depending on your goals, this may not always be necessary, but it could be useful to incorporate
  • Do you play piano? It’s important that your singing teacher has at least basic piano skills to accompany you with exercises and scales
  • What is your fee and what happens if I miss a lesson? You want to be clear on cancellation deadlines to avoid unnecessary charges

What about you? Here’s what your vocal coach should know:

While the best singing teachers for adult beginners will usually ask you these questions anyway, you may want to answer them yourself before taking lessons. This will help you identify the best vocal coach for you.

  • Why do you want to learn to sing? Finding your ‘why’ will help you stay motivated
  • Have you got any previous experience? Songs you might’ve sung before, techniques you’ve learned will help your vocal coach identify the level you’re at
  • What are your goals? This will give you key areas to work on, whether that’s expanding your range, improving breath control, achieving an effortless vibrato etc
  • What’s your preferred style? This will be one of the key factors in finding the best coach
  • How will you learn? Think about how many times per week you can attend lessons, are you looking to learn in person or remotely and are you able to practice at home. Consider finding the space and time to practice
  • What’s your budget? This will help you determine how many lessons you can have per month and whether you can afford your preferred vocal coach

Welcoming singing teacher

Ready to take lessons?

At London Singing Institute we have an amazing group of the best singing teachers for adult beginners. They will help you become the best vocalist you can be, no matter your preferred style. Contact us today so we can match you with the right tutor!

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