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Arabic music has a rich and diverse history, with a multitude of talented artists who have left a significant impact on the global music scene. From the mesmerising melodies of traditional Arabic music to the contemporary pop and rock influences, Arabic singers have a unique ability to convey emotions through their music. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 Arabic singers who have made a mark in the world of music, each with their own distinct style and contribution to the genre.

Umm Kulthum wearing shades looking up

Umm Kulthum

Umm Kulthum, often hailed as the “Star of the East,” stands as an iconic and revered figure in the realm of Arabic music. Her remarkable singing career is etched in the annals of music history, characterised by a powerful and soul-stirring voice that has left an indelible mark. With her emotive performances and exceptional talent, she has ascended to legendary status, and her enduring legacy endures through timeless classics such as “Enta Omri,” which continue to captivate and enchant audiences around the globe.

Umm Kulthum’s singing career spans several decades and represents a pivotal era in Arabic music. Her contributions to classical and traditional Arabic music are unparalleled, and she became an emblematic artist who transcended borders, touching the hearts and souls of listeners far and wide. Her mastery of intricate maqams (musical modes) and the ability to convey profound emotions through her music made her a luminary of her time and a source of inspiration for generations to come.

Fairuz performing


Fairuz, often hailed as the “Diva of Arabic Music” and recognised by her full name Nouhad Wadie Haddad, occupies a cherished place in the hearts of music enthusiasts across generations. Her ethereal voice possesses an enduring quality that effortlessly transcends time and resonates with listeners of all ages. With a career marked by enchanting vocals and a profound ability to convey themes of love and unity, Fairuz has emerged as one of the most beloved and iconic artists in the Arab world.

Among Fairuz’s most renowned and beloved songs are classics like “Sa’alouni El Nas” (They Asked Me About People), “Li Beirut” (For Beirut), and “A’tini Al Nay Wa Ghanni” (Give Me the Flute and Sing). These timeless compositions not only showcase her exceptional vocal talents but also reflect her commitment to conveying messages of hope, love, and unity through her music. Fairuz’s ability to captivate and inspire her audience has solidified her status as an enduring cultural icon in the world of Arabic music.

Amr Diab

Amr Diab

Amr Diab, often recognised as the “Father of Mediterranean Music,” stands as a towering figure in the realm of contemporary pop music with an illustrious career that spans multiple decades. His distinctive musical journey has been defined by a fusion of catchy melodies, modern soundscapes, and an innate ability to create infectious tunes that resonate with audiences worldwide. As a result, he has achieved not only regional but also international acclaim, firmly establishing himself as an influential icon in the music industry.

Amr Diab’s impact on the music scene extends far beyond his catchy tunes. He has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Arabic pop music, introducing innovative elements that have left an indelible mark. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional Arabic melodies with contemporary beats has not only earned him chart-topping hits but also a dedicated global fan base. His music transcends language barriers, inviting listeners from diverse backgrounds to groove to his tunes, making Amr Diab a celebrated and enduring presence in the world of music.


Abdel Halim Hafez smiling

Abdel Halim Hafez

Abdel Halim Hafez, affectionately known as the “Dark-Skinned Nightingale,” remains an enduring figure in the world of Arabic music, celebrated for his soul-stirring ballads and profound emotional depth. His remarkable career was marked by an exceptional ability to imbue his songs with genuine sentiment, creating an unmistakable connection with his listeners. Hafez’s contributions to Arabic music are etched in history, and his legacy continues to thrive through timeless classics like “Qariat al-Fingan,” which continue to evoke deep emotions and resonate with audiences across generations.

Hafez’s music is a testament to the power of artistry and storytelling through song. His songs often delved into themes of love, heartache, and the complexities of human emotions, touching the hearts of countless fans. With a voice that possessed both gravitas and tenderness, he breathed life into his compositions, making him an iconic figure whose impact endures beyond the boundaries of time. Abdel Halim Hafez’s ability to convey the human experience through music remains a cherished part of Arabic musical heritage and a source of inspiration for artists and listeners alike.

Ahlam Alshamsi

Ahlam Alshamsi

Ahlam Alshamsi, widely known as Ahlam, is an Emirati pop icon with a prolific career spanning several decades. Renowned for her distinctive voice and captivating stage presence, Ahlam has left an indelible mark on the world of Arabic music. She has released numerous hit songs, including “Bint Al-Shalabiya,” “Hasah Alaikh,” and “Ahlamna El Helwa,” which have not only earned her a dedicated fan base but also solidified her status as a prominent figure in the Arab music scene.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Ahlam has expanded her influence into the realm of television as a judge on popular talent shows, where her charisma and expertise have further endeared her to audiences. With her enduring presence and contributions to both music and entertainment, Ahlam remains an iconic and beloved figure in the Arab world, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to resonate with fans across generations.


Nancy Ajram smiling

Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram has earned her rightful place as a contemporary pop sensation, captivating audiences with her infectious melodies and charismatic performances. With a career that has consistently delivered chart-topping hits and electrifying stage presence, she has become a prominent figure in the ever-evolving landscape of Arabic pop music. Ajram’s unique ability to infuse her music with an undeniable energy and relatable lyrics has not only garnered her acclaim but has also cultivated a dedicated following of fans who eagerly anticipate her next musical endeavour.

Hits like “Ah W Noss” are emblematic of Nancy Ajram’s impact on the music scene. Her songs effortlessly combine catchy rhythms with heartfelt storytelling, resulting in a catalogue of music that resonates with listeners across the Arab world and beyond. Ajram’s influence extends beyond her vocal talents; she is also recognised for her role as a cultural ambassador, introducing contemporary Arabic pop music to international audiences. Through her music and charismatic presence, Nancy Ajram continues to leave an indelible mark on the genre and inspire a new generation of artists.

Kadim Al Sahir singing

Kadim Al Sahir

Kadim Al Sahir, known as the “Caesar of Arabic Song,” is a highly acclaimed Iraqi singer, composer, and songwriter with a career spanning several decades. His soulful and melodious voice has made him a beloved and influential figure in the world of Arabic music. He has garnered a dedicated fan base not only in the Arab world but also internationally. His extensive repertoire includes songs that touch upon various themes, from love to patriotism and social issues. Kadim Al Sahir’s ability to convey profound emotions through his music has solidified his status as a luminary in the industry.

Throughout his career, Kadim Al Sahir has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to Arabic music. His iconic songs like “Ahebak” and “Hob” continue to resonate with audiences, and his music remains a timeless and cherished part of the Arabic musical heritage. His ability to blend traditional and contemporary elements in his compositions has set him apart as a versatile and enduring artist, leaving an indelible mark on the music world.



Warda, affectionately known as the “Algerian Rose,” has enraptured audiences with her mesmerising voice and an enduring repertoire of timeless songs. Her musical journey is a testament to the transcendent power of her artistry, captivating not only the Arab world but also reaching far beyond its borders. Warda’s vocal prowess and emotive performances have solidified her as an iconic figure in Arabic music, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of countless listeners.

Among Warda’s notable and cherished songs, “Batwanes Beek” stands as a classic that continues to resonate with fans. Her ability to convey complex emotions through her music and her unwavering dedication to her craft have made her a revered artist, admired for her contribution to the musical heritage of the Arab world. Warda’s music serves as a bridge that connects diverse cultures and communities, drawing in audiences from various corners of the globe and cementing her legacy as a beloved “Algerian Rose” whose voice will forever bloom in the hearts of those who listen.

Cheb Khaled singing

Cheb Khaled

Cheb Khaled, renowned as the “King of Rai,” holds a special place in the world of music for introducing the enchanting Rai music genre to audiences worldwide. His contribution to this unique genre is exemplified by chart-topping hits such as “Aïcha,” which have not only earned him international acclaim but have also become anthems of Rai music itself.

Among his other famous songs, “Didi” stands as a Rai classic that showcases Khaled’s exceptional talent for infusing his music with infectious rhythms and evocative storytelling. His distinctive blend of traditional Algerian music with contemporary elements has resonated with fans far and wide, making Cheb Khaled a global sensation in the world of world music. With his charismatic performances and soulful vocals, he continues to be a beloved figure who bridges cultures through the universal language of music, leaving an enduring legacy in the hearts of fans.

Majida El Roumi

Majida El Roumi

Majida El Roumi, renowned for her commanding vocals and emotionally charged performances, has captured the hearts of Arab audiences with an illustrious career marked by timeless songs like “Kalimat.” Her extraordinary voice transcends mere melody, creating an unforgettable connection with listeners that resonates deeply. Majida’s musical journey has solidified her as an esteemed figure in the world of Arabic music.

Among her celebrated songs, “Kalimat” stands as a testament to Majida’s ability to convey profound sentiments through her music. With lyrics that touch upon themes of love, longing, and the human experience, this classic continues to move and inspire audiences across the Arab world and beyond. Majida’s vocal prowess is complemented by her dedication to her craft, making her a cherished artist who has left an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of Arabic musical heritage.

Arabic music is a treasure trove of talent, and these top 10 singers represent just a fraction of the rich and diverse musical landscape in the Arab world. Each artist brings their distinct style and storytelling prowess to the forefront, weaving a captivating musical tapestry that resonates with audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a devotee of classical Arabic melodies or a fan of contemporary pop, these singers provide a captivating glimpse into the enchanting realm of Arabic music.

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