July 3, 2022

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Music has an incredible effect on our mental and physical health. Adult singing lessons can improve your wellbeing, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, while helping you find your community of other musicians. There is no shortage of physical benefits too – improved oxygen supply thanks to the deep breathing techniques, improved stamina and more. For many, singing is the most accessible way to learn music. Here’s why…

You Are The Instrument

There’s no need to buy expensive equipment or make space for it in your home. You already have everything you need to start making music – your voice! Want to record yourself and play with creative effects and production techniques? No problem! With today’s technology at your fingertips, there is a range of mobile apps you can download to start recording yourself and even make steps to producing your own music.

Singing long predates ancient musical instruments. It has been an irreplaceable part of human existence and it’s one of our oldest art forms. You’re probably already singing in the car, or the shower, or along to your favourite songs. With adult singing lessons you can develop that natural talent and learn to sing like a pro!

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Find Your Community

Community is everything! We need likeminded people in our lives to look up to, learn from, find mutual understanding and support. Music and learning to sing is a fantastic way to do that. We are social creatures – musicians start bands, organise gigs, sing in choirs and ensembles. If you are thinking about starting adult singing lessons but feel alone on your journey, don’t worry! As you start making music, you will find your community simply by doing what you love.

Not to mention, there are plenty of singing groups you can join. At London Singing Institute, we even offer group lessons so you can start learning in a room full of likeminded people who are going through the same process as you. This helps people make the initial steps to learning music much more enjoyable, thanks to the reassurance, support, and camaraderie you get from your fellow students.

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Improve Your Confidence

Singing is a very vulnerable form of musical expression. While it’s easier to detach yourself from a piano or guitar, singing is all you, so it can feel very personal and intimidating to some. But guess what? Overcoming that fear will bleed into other areas of your life. Learning to embrace your voice, sing in front of someone else, even if it’s just your teacher is a huge accomplishment that many shy away from.

Performing in front of others will build your confidence in other areas of life. For example, giving presentations at university or work, speaking up in a meeting, taking on leading roles can feel less intimidating by overcoming the fear of singing in front of someone. You’ll put yourself in a vulnerable position and realise there’s nothing to be afraid of here. And that’s incredibly powerful.

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Get A Deeper Understanding Of The Music You Love

In adult singing lessons, we break down your favourite songs and structure behind them. You will learn about chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, and song anatomy. Studying singing will give you the tools to understand exactly what’s going on, why certain compositions and songs work so well. You can even use this knowledge to start creating your own music! Studies have shown that learning music utilises both hemispheres of our brain, improving cognitive function, problem solving, memory and creativity.

Learning to sing gives you access to all those benefits, without having to purchase an instrument. As always, what you practice in your singing lessons and at home, will enhance other areas of your life. Improved cognitive function will help you achieve more in work and study.

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Learn Your Way!

Adult singing lessons can easily be structured around your goals and ambitions. We all discover singing for different reasons – some want to build a career off singing, others sing just for fun, and many are looking for new ways of artistic expression. But the one thing that unites us all is our love for music and the need to connect with it on a deeper level.

Singing lessons allow you to do exactly that. It’s easy to practice without the need for bulky and expensive equipment. There is an endless range of singing styles and techniques to choose from, so you can explore ones that interest you the most. And there are also endless possibilities for you to express yourself through singing.

If making a living off music interests you, you can become a session singer, sing backing vocals, perform in a function band, start an originals project writing your own music, even become a voiceover artist or record for sample packs.

female singer performing

On the other hand, if you want to sing for your own pleasure, there are so many ways to enjoy it. You can sing one to one in your singing lessons, go to your local open mic nights, join a choir or a band and play for leisure. There are many possibilities with singing and that’s why it connects people from all backgrounds and walks of life!

Take Adult Singing Lessons With London Singing Institute

We take pride in specialising in adult singing lessons because we understand the reservations people may have and provide an encouraging, non-judgmental environment where you can overcome any anxieties you have about singing. We focus on you, your individual goals and help you tap into and embrace the uniqueness of your voice.

You will learn techniques used by world-class professionals and progress quicker than ever, while learning to keep your voice healthy and supple for years to come. We offer group lessons, intensive courses, online and one to one lessons. With all the popular styles to choose from, you can learn pop, musical theatre, blues, jazz, rock and classical with our expert coaches. Contact us today to find out more!

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