Top 10 Arabic Singers You Should Know


Arabic music has a rich and diverse history, with a multitude of talented artists who have left a significant impact on the global music scene. From the mesmerising melodies of traditional Arabic music to the contemporary pop and rock influences, Arabic singers have a unique ability to convey emotions through their music. In this article, we'll introduce you to the top 10 Arabic singers who have made a mark in the world of music, each with their own distinct style and contribution to the genre. Umm Kulthum Umm Kulthum, often hailed as the "Star of the East," stands as an iconic [...]

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Learning musical theatre as an adult


Have you always wanted to sing ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ as heart wrenchingly as Patti Lupone? Or tackle ‘Defying Gravity’ with the impressive dynamics of Idina Menzel? Or, maybe, you want to confidently perform songs from musicals like ‘Hamilton’ or ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ for a more contemporary take on musical theatre? Whatever your aims, musical theatre lessons for adults will help you explore different styles and turn you into the prolific, confident and engaging performer you’ve always wanted to be! Here’s how… Why Musical Theatre Lessons for Adults Are So Important… Many young children are often encouraged to pursue musical theatre, [...]

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Music and the environmental movement


The increasing number of consumers and industries are turning the conversation towards sustainability, in light of climate change and environmental disasters. As we enjoy listening to our favourite artists and being entertained by stunning live shows, we often forget the impacts these activities have on our planet. Touring, in particular, can be incredibly taxing on the environment, due to the number of crew members, planes, private jets, tour buses and trucks being utilised. Not to mention, the large number of crowds travelling by car to see their idols perform. Luckily, several artists have started meaningful conversations about the impacts of touring [...]

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