September 25, 2020

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So, you’ve been inspired to learn how to sing, perhaps by your favourite vocalist or someone close to you who’s a great singer. That’s wonderful – singing is fantastic for your mental and physical health and can bring a lot of enjoyment. As you eagerly embark on your journey as a vocalist, you might be wondering how long it takes to learn to sing well? We get this question all the time, so keep on reading to find out.

What are you looking to achieve?

No two voice lessons for beginner adults are the same – we’re all individuals with our unique goals and aspirations. Some of us may have a dream to sing on Broadway, while some just want to learn their favourite popular songs so they can surprise their friends on the next karaoke night out. Because our measurement of success will vary from person to person, there is no ‘one size fits all’ timeline for how long it takes to learn to sing well. One thing is for sure, you’ll be able to pick up the basics pretty quickly and then enjoy the fun part of building and improving on them.

Lifelong student

There is a famous saying by Aristotle; ‘The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know’. It applies to every skill, including singing. The most renowned and famous singers have vocal coaches and regular practice sessions where they continue to improve. As a beginner, measuring your achievement by a qualification or being able to sing a particular song can seem like a good way to define your success. But the truth is, your goals will constantly change – once you’ve achieved your first one, you’ll want to set the next one and so on. The key here is to fall in love with the process, to accept yourself as a lifelong student and acknowledge how far you’ve come as you keep growing and improving.

How can you progress quicker?

Individual goals and lifelong learning aside, there are a number of things that will impact how long it takes to learn to sing well. Firstly, your background is important. There are people who are naturally gifted with perfect pitch, may have a musical background or just a natural sense of musicality. If this is you then great, you already have an advantage, if it isn’t, don’t let that discourage you. Everyone can learn to sing and even those who consider themselves tone deaf can achieve great results from singing lessons for adult beginners, which are tailored to their ability. Here are some great tips that will help you progress quicker:

Get a teacher

Yes, you can learn by yourself and there are a lot of free materials available online. Trouble is, these resources don’t have two-way communication, which means there is no one that can tell you whether you’re using the advice in an effective way. A qualified, experienced vocal teacher will be able to teach you proper technique, making sure you’re implementing it correctly and safely, without risking a damage to your vocal chords. They will be able to tailor their advice specifically to your goals and you will progress much quicker with the support of a teacher.

Set your goals

Asking how long it takes to learn to sing well is quite a broad question, however, when you break it down into smaller goals, it helps you develop a clearer roadmap of your progress and it will feel much more achievable. For example, are you looking to improve your transition from chest to head voice? Expand your range? Develop better soft notes and focus on your lower register? Defining what it is that stops you from becoming the singer you’ve always wanted to be is one of the first steps towards success. Your teacher can help you identify the areas you need to work on the most and, together, you can set a plan for your lessons over the coming months.

Practice, practice, practice

You might have heard the saying that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. This may be true, however, the way you use your practice hours is much more crucial than the amount of time you spend on them. Deliberate practice is vital for speeding up your progress. Instead of mindlessly repeating the same songs over and over again, focus on problem areas, try new techniques, keep evolving with each practice session. You may not see the results overnight but, as long as you aim to be just 1% better every time you practice, by the end of 100 days you will have improved by 100%! That is exactly why consistency and deliberate practice go hand in hand to fast track your skill development.

Keep yourself accountable

Accountability is key to progressing quicker. We recommend keeping a diary and scheduling in your practice sessions – even if they’re only 20 minutes, that’s still better than no practice at all. Having a teacher will help keep you accountable as you will feel more motivated to practice for each lesson and your teacher can also encourage you to work harder at home.

Monitor your progress

Often, we feel like we aren’t progressing when, in reality, this isn’t the case. It’s so important to monitor your progress by recording yourself regularly and revisiting songs you couldn’t sing when you started, so you can see how much easier they are to perform. Don’t forget to give yourself the credit you deserve and acknowledge how far you’ve come, as this will motivate you to keep working on your vocals!

Have you always wanted to sing but don’t know where to start?

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Tags: Learning how to sing, Singing takes time, How long to learn singing