September 22, 2023

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So, you know you want to sing, but you want to find a group that you feel comfortable in. There are often many local options for singing groups so choosing one can be difficult. Don’t waste time bouncing from group to group. Do your research first and pick the one that best resonates with you. Use these tips to help you get the right singing group first time.

Choose a group with a variety of singing levels

Singing in a group is great, but you’ll want to start at a beginner level until you get comfortable in your technique. You could find a singing group that only caters for beginners, but then where do you go from there? You need to be able to work your way up as you build on your new skill.

Quite often, groups with different levels will also encourage everyone to sing together. This is a great opportunity for you to learn and be inspired by people who are more vocally skilled than you. And, as you work your way up, you will then be that person for other beginners.

Male and female singers wearing headphones and making an audio recording

Choose a group that also offers one-on-one lessons

Some people like to start with private lessons before getting up the nerve to join a group. Others like to test the waters with a group and then have a few private lessons as they become more serious about the hobby. However you prefer to do it, make sure your singing group offers one-on-one classes so you can take advantage of those as and when you are ready.

Choose a group that celebrates a range of musical styles

Few people know what type of singing they prefer when they start. As your skill improves, you will find you lean towards a certain style, or you become more influenced by different ways of singing. A good singing group will help you draw out your natural style and enhance it, before placing you in sessions that best resonates with that. Make sure any singing group you choose has a wide range of singing disciplines, so you are best able to find the one that suits you.

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Choose a group that is completely inclusive

Even if you are the next Mariah Carey, you’ll want to join a group that celebrates everyone. That way you’ll be more likely to feel comfortable and relaxed around the whole group. Knowing that people will take you as you are, rather than be judgemental or snobby, is going to help bring out the very best in your singing voice. And it will ensure you enjoy it!

Choose a well-established group

Of course, every singing group has to start somewhere, but beginners would be best choosing a group that has proven results and lots of good reviews. A group that has been singing for a number of years and still has members who have been there from the start is most likely to meet your growth needs. And you can be confident you are learning good habits instead of encouraging bad ones.

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Choose a group that gives you homework

A good singing group will encourage you to practise outside of classes. The only way to really improve your craft is to practice every single day. So, you may be given homework. That could range from a few warm-up exercises to full-on song lyrics to learn for the next class. The amount and intensity of the homework doesn’t matter, but doing something to hone your skill is important.

Choose a group with a clear and easy way to enrol

You shouldn’t be running around in circles trying to work out how to join. Look for a group with an easy booking process. That can either be online or via phone. Ideally, they’ll give you both options to appeal to the widest audience. Remember, encouraging individuality is a key thing to look for when choosing a vocal group.

Sound like a lot to remember? Well, to make things easier for you, the London Singing Institute ticks every one of these boxes. So, if you are looking for a singing group where you will feel comfortable, make friends, and actually improve your singing voice, you are in the right place!

Contact us today, via phone or email, to book your next private or group singing class and get yourself on a singing track to success!

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