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10 Musical Theatre Songs To Master


Musical theatre is a captivating world where storytelling is brought to life through the fusion of music, acting, and dance. As an aspiring performer, mastering iconic musical theatre songs can open doors to a world of creative expression and storytelling. In this article, we'll delve into 10 must-learn musical theatre songs that have left an indelible mark on the stage. Each song offers unique challenges and opportunities for performers to sharpen their skills, connect with audiences, and evoke powerful emotions. Let us now discover 10 musical theatre songs To master! “Defying Gravity" From Wicked "Defying Gravity," a showstopper from the musical [...]

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Are Adult Singing Lessons Worth It?


Music has a universal language that transcends age, and singing is a powerful way for adults to connect with their inner artist. While many adults contemplate whether investing in singing lessons is worthwhile, the answer is a resounding yes. In this article, we'll explore the numerous advantages that adult singing lessons offer and why they are unquestionably worth the investment. Unlocking hidden potential Every individual possesses a unique voice, and adult singing lessons are the key to unlocking its full potential. Whether you're a complete novice or have some singing experience, a skilled vocal coach can help you discover, nurture, and [...]

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How to Choose the Best Singing Group for You


So, you know you want to sing, but you want to find a group that you feel comfortable in. There are often many local options for singing groups so choosing one can be difficult. Don’t waste time bouncing from group to group. Do your research first and pick the one that best resonates with you. Use these tips to help you get the right singing group first time. Choose a group with a variety of singing levels Singing in a group is great, but you’ll want to start at a beginner level until you get comfortable in your technique. You could [...]

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How to Sing Harmonies in 5 Simple Steps


While many budding singers dream of singing lead, there is actually a tremendous amount of skill in learning how to sing harmonies and backing vocals. The lead vocal seems the ‘easiest’ and most natural to gravitate towards but try signing a counter melody along with it and suddenly it’s a whole different ball game! Learning how to sing harmonies is a fantastic way to train your ear, improve your dexterity and hone your arrangement and composition skills. Here’s how you can tap into that area of your musicianship. Sing Along to Existing Harmonies in Songs The easiest way to get started [...]

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5 Reasons to Take Adult Singing Lessons


Adult singing lessons can benefit your life in more ways than just the obvious – learning how to sing! There is so much to gain from learning a new skill, making new connections and discovering your unique musical talent. Our vocal students come from all walks of life, some with a professional singing background and others who sing for joy. Some who have experience already and others who simply feel inspired to pursue their passions. No matter their musical past, these 5 singing benefits unite them all. Gaining Confidence It takes a lot of courage and bravery to sing in front [...]

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Is It Ever Too Late to Learn to Sing?


The short answer is no, it’s never too late to learn to sing. But we know everyone has their own doubts and may feel like their situation is different. So, if you’ve always wanted to learn to sing and you think it might be too late and your time as a vocalist has passed, this article is for you. We will dispel the most common myths that stop people from truly discovering their voice and enjoying all the amazing benefits of singing. It’s Harder to Learn Something New as You Get Older Our brains learn through creating new pathways and pushing [...]

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Which Adult Singing Lessons Course is Right for Me?


There is no one-size-fits-all adult singing lessons solution for vocalists! We are all different, our voices are unique and our goals as artists and musicians will vary too. Some might learn best in a group environment, while others feel more comfortable in one-to-one sessions. You may need to improve your skills quickly with an intensive singing course or take things at your own pace. Just like there are different learning styles, our musical objectives are individual and diverse. Some singers may dream of being in a West end show, while others want to captivate the audience of a jazz club. Some [...]

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Singing confidence tips for adult beginners


Confidence is the foundation of our success. It’s the state of mind that lets us persevere in spite of fear of failure and helps us keep going towards our goals. As you embark on your singing lessons for adults, you may feel insecure about your voice, struggling to sing in front of others or record yourself. Many musicians go through this but, because our voice is also a part of us, vocalists often feel much more vulnerable to criticism and fear of failure. If this is you, do not fret – follow these singing confidence tips to unleash the self-assured performer [...]

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10 Tips on taking singing lessons as an adult


Taking singing lessons as an adult comes with its own set of challenges that are unique to adult vocalists. Unless you’re a full-time musician, you’ll likely have to juggle your lessons alongside work, study and family commitments. Another concern for adult beginners is they feel it’s ‘too late to start singing’. That’s absolutely not the case! Just like you’d never tell someone it’s too late to get in shape or learn a new language, you’re perfectly on time whenever you decide to start adult singing lessons. Plenty of singers have achieved great things later on in life, including Sheryl Crow, Bill [...]

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Learning musical theatre as an adult


Have you always wanted to sing ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ as heart wrenchingly as Patti Lupone? Or tackle ‘Defying Gravity’ with the impressive dynamics of Idina Menzel? Or, maybe, you want to confidently perform songs from musicals like ‘Hamilton’ or ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ for a more contemporary take on musical theatre? Whatever your aims, musical theatre lessons for adults will help you explore different styles and turn you into the prolific, confident and engaging performer you’ve always wanted to be! Here’s how… Why Musical Theatre Lessons for Adults Are So Important… Many young children are often encouraged to pursue musical theatre, [...]

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