November 21, 2021

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Adult singing lessons can benefit your life in more ways than just the obvious – learning how to sing! There is so much to gain from learning a new skill, making new connections and discovering your unique musical talent. Our vocal students come from all walks of life, some with a professional singing background and others who sing for joy. Some who have experience already and others who simply feel inspired to pursue their passions. No matter their musical past, these 5 singing benefits unite them all.

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Gaining Confidence

It takes a lot of courage and bravery to sing in front of your vocal coach, let alone an entire crowd of people. Taking adult singing lessons has helped many people come out of their shell and become more confident in social situations, work meetings and presentations. Think about it – you have to get comfortable being the centre of attention and commanding a crowd when you’re performing live.

Even if live performance isn’t for you, there is something incredibly cathartic about singing your heart out with a teacher, or even on your own. It’s not something that we always do naturally or feel comfortable with, so breaking through that barrier can really open you up to new experiences and new ways of communicating. Not to mention, the sense of achievement and satisfaction you’ll feel as you notice yourself becoming more confident and progressing through your lessons.

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Increased Cognition and Creativity

Learning music has been linked to a host of mental health benefits. Naturally, it enhances your memory, as you’re having to learn melodies, lyrics, and song structure. It can help boost our understanding of maths due to complex music theory, as well as helping us with our communication and language skills. Performing music utilises both hemispheres of your brain and this skill, in particular, can support healthy cognition way into later life.

And of course, you can’t make music without being creative! Boosting your creativity is not just relevant to the arts and other creative endeavours. It can help with problem solving, finding alternative solutions, and seeing things from a different perspective. We need this in almost every life situation, and it can really boost your workflow and the way you study and make new connections too!

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Improved Mental and Physical Wellbeing

The deep breathing utilised in singing is comparable to meditation! It can work to deliver more oxygen to your blood, helping to calm your nerves and improve your mental state. Simply listening to music has a positive impact on our mental health, but you can gain even more benefits through actively participating in the music! It’s not at all surprising why music is used in so many therapy settings, from helping people to improve their mental health to gaining confidence, improving their speech and communication skills.

Singing can be quite the workout too! If you sing while standing up for an hour, you can burn up to 180 calories! Now, imagine, if you’re also playing a keyboard or guitar, or jumping around the stage. We can all agree this is much more enjoyable and fun than running on a treadmill, for example. As part of our adult singing lessons, we also teach vocal health. Singers are advised to keep a healthy lifestyle for their voices to perform their best. Therefore, becoming a singer can motivate you to take up a few positive habits. For example, if you have performances and recordings coming up, you’ll want to keep your body healthy to sound your best. This means getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated and eating well.

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Developing Your Musicianship

Of course, a huge part of learning to sing is developing your musicianship! In fact, it is the most accessible way to study music, since you, yourself are the instrument. There is no need to buy expensive equipment just to practice, as you have everything you need to make music. Not to mention, you’ve been singing before already – whether that’s in the car, in the shower or at a gig with your favourite vocalists. Sure, you may not feel confident in your singing voice, but you’re already kind of familiar with the mechanisms of it.

As you progress through your vocal career, you’ll also pick up music theory, arrangement and song writing skills too. If you do wish to learn a musical instrument later on, you will come to it with a much better understanding of music, and it will be easier for you to pick it up. Of course, everyone’s goals will be different. You may want to build a professional career from singing, or you may simply wish to sound better for those car ride karaoke sessions. Either way, developing your musicianship through adult singing lessons will uncover a whole new world of creativity and possibilities and deepen your understanding of the music you already love.

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Making New Connections

Musicians are social creatures! We love to play in bands, sing in choirs and get involved with the local community. Taking adult singing lessons can be a fantastic way to boost your social life and meet new and like-minded people. Even if you are the only one in your group of friends and family who is interested in making music, there are so many ways you can connect with others through it. Visit local open mic nights, join a choir, a musical theatre production or a band – the opportunities are endless.

Group classes can also be an encouraging way to start your musical journey. Everyone will be in the same boat as you, so there is no need to feel self-conscious about singing. It’s also a fantastic social activity where you can meet new people in a meaningful way and forge lasting friendships.

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