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Our Ten Favourite Warm-up Techniques


Warming up your voice muscles is just as important as any other muscle in your body before you put it to work. Every pro-singer knows that a great performance hinges on how good the warm-up is! Here are our ten favourite warm-up techniques that will help get your voice ready for your best performance every single time. Make sure to spend at least 10-20 minutes to warm up before you sing to give yourself the stamina and power you need. 1. Yawn You’re not getting ready for bed, but yawning is a great way to get relaxed and ready your voice [...]

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7 Things You Never Knew About Singing


Singing is like a magical language that everyone can speak, connecting people from different places and cultures in a special way. It's not just about singing our favourite songs; there's much more to it than we might realise. In this journey, we'll explore seven interesting things about singing that might make you see it in a whole new light. So, let's dive in and uncover the hidden sides of singing – from the brain's dance to our shared history with birds. There's so much more to discover beyond the tunes we love. 1. The Brain's Symphony Singing goes beyond just using [...]

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Singing Do’s and Don’ts


Ready to let your inner songbird soar? Singing takes you on a journey beyond genres, uniting us all in the pursuit of vocal greatness. Whether you're reaching for high notes or infusing emotion into every line, mastering the do's and avoiding the don'ts is key for a standout performance. Deep within your throat lies the remarkable wonder that is our voice. The voice originates from our vocal cords, exquisite structures nestled within our windpipe. These vocal folds are the architects of our sound, intricately designed to produce magnificent melodies. As air passes through, they come alive, gracefully dancing and vibrating to [...]

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The Importance of Mindset in Adult Singing Lessons


The way we approach everything we do plays a huge role in our success or failure. Having a resilient, positive mindset when learning anything new, be it singing, dancing, music production or any other skill is crucial. No, having a positive mindset alone won’t prevent you from experiencing difficulties and challenges along the way. But it will make a huge difference in how you deal with failure, uncertainty, and difficulty, which are all important for your learning journey. So, without further ado, here are a few mindset tips and tricks for those who are starting their adult singing lessons. Comparison Is [...]

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10 Tips for Maintaining Your Vocal Health


For singers, our voice is our instrument, and we must take proper care of it! You wouldn’t go canoeing on your double bass or use a piano as a planter – your vocal health needs to be suitably looked after too, so you can always sing at your best. Here are 10 simple tips for maintaining your vocal health. Warm Up! Professional athletes always warm up their bodies to prevent injury or strain. Your warmup, as a vocalist, is an important part of your singing routine and must be included whether you are practicing or performing. This is a great way [...]

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Improve Your Head Voice in Singing


So, what exactly is head voice in singing and how can you tap into the beautiful, powerful elements of this register? In our recent blog, we broke down the differences between chest, mixed, falsetto and head voice in singing. Here, we will dive deeper into a few tricks that will help your head voice become the best it’s ever been. Why Does Head Voice in Singing Feel Intimidating? Chest voice is where we feel the most comfortable, as this is the register we use for our speech. Head voice on the other hand, allows us to access the upper mid and [...]

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How to Sing Harmonies in 5 Simple Steps


While many budding singers dream of singing lead, there is actually a tremendous amount of skill in learning how to sing harmonies and backing vocals. The lead vocal seems the ‘easiest’ and most natural to gravitate towards but try signing a counter melody along with it and suddenly it’s a whole different ball game! Learning how to sing harmonies is a fantastic way to train your ear, improve your dexterity and hone your arrangement and composition skills. Here’s how you can tap into that area of your musicianship. Sing Along to Existing Harmonies in Songs The easiest way to get started [...]

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Get On Stage in 2022: 10 Ways to Beat Stage Fright


This is it. The moment you’ve been looking forward to. You’re about to step out on stage and perform your best songs. But suddenly, you feel nervous, your hands get clammy and, once you’re actually up there, it’s almost like singing feels ten times harder than usual. Are they enjoying the show? Do you sound good? Will you mess up? All these thoughts contribute to stage fright, which is common among all performers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing for your friends and family or a large group of complete strangers, stage fright can happen at any time and really take [...]

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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Songs


The most romantic time of the year is just around the corner! This Valentine’s Day, why not surprise that special someone in your life with one of our Top 10 Valentine’s Day songs. We have everything from powerful ballads to gentle and meaningful tunes that will really set the tone for a magical evening. Or you may wish to play these songs live at your next gig, open mic, or record them as covers. Either way, here we have some timeless Valentine’s classics to be inspired by! Bob Dylan – Make You Feel My Love Simple, yet effective! This 90s classic [...]

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10 Songwriting Tips for Better Songs


Perhaps you’re new to singing, or maybe you’ve been taking adult singing lessons for a while. Whether you want to learn to sing because you’re already a keen songwriter or you’re a vocalist who wants to branch out and leave their own mark on the music world, improving your songwriting skills will always open new avenues as a musician. It’s a skill that takes constant nurture and improvement, and even the best songwriters out there are still learning! Here are 10 songwriting tips for better songs that will boost your creativity. Melody is Key Melody is the main element of your [...]

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