November 23, 2022

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Anyone can hold a note if they want to (yes, it’s true!), but there are certain features that separate good singers from amazing ones. Read on to find out what features the best vocalists have in common.

They Look After Their Voice

Ask any professional singer and they will tell you the importance of caring for your voice. This is about more than simply warming up your vocal folds before a performance. It is about keeping your whole body in tip-top shape, but especially your chest, throat, and mouth.

This means making sure you are eating the right foods and drinks. Things like alcohol and caffeine can have a very negative effect on the voice, while dairy, sugar, and gluten can produce excess phlegm that is detrimental to your sound quality. Getting the right amount of sleep and generally practising self-care is important too, as someone who is run down won’t deliver their very best performance.

female singer performing

They Take Lessons

Some people are naturally born with the ability to entrance people with their voice. But nobody can claim to be at the top of their game without having had some help along the way. Just as an athlete would employ a coach to help enhance their natural talent, a singer should work with a vocal coach to ensure they can become more than another average voice.

Singing at a professional level is actually quite technical. It is about more than simply opening your mouth and letting the music flow. You will need to work on things like enunciation, which will be slightly different for everyone depending on the genre of music they are hoping to sing. Basically, though, this means ensuring each word is sung clearly, so it can be easily understood. A vocal coach can really help you get this area of expression right.

woman singing with microphone

They Know How to Breathe

This sounds silly, doesn’t it? Breathing is something that we are born knowing how to do. But breathing while you are singing is slightly different to breathing when you are not. Singing requires you to control your breathing – you’ll find yourself breathing in for long periods of time when performing some songs and this can be physically taxing and affect your voice if you are not careful. Getting the breath right takes practice, but it is something that anyone can learn to do.

They Know When to Hold Back

Pacing yourself is an important part of delivering an amazing performance. Think of each song as a marathon, not a sprint. A long-distance runner knows to keep at a comfortable pace for as long as possible and then increase their speed at the vital point that will help them win the race. The same is true of singing – if you sing at your most powerful throughout the entire song, not only will you struggle to make it all the way to the end, but you will remove the dramatic element of the music.

A great singer knows when to bring the power and when to be gentle in their voice. This is something else that comes with practice and coaching.

male singer performing

They Work with their Own Voice

So many amateur singers will try to impersonate their favourite artists, but rather than make them great, this will just make them another in a long list of wannabes. The best singers – the ones that everyone else wants to be – they sound unique.

You’ll find your unique style as part of your learning journey. By practising that and working with a coach, you can uncover your signature style and work on that to become the best you can possibly be.

They Never Stop Learning

There is no end to the progress you can make with your voice and the best singers are completely dedicated to constant improvement. They love what they do and put the time and effort into practising and honing their skills. They learn the technicalities of their craft so that even when they are not singing, they are listening, reading, or focusing on their skills in some other way.

man singing in the studio

Not everyone realizes how much of a time commitment singing can be. Humming along to your favourite songs while doing other things is not enough – you need to be truly committed to wanting to learn and improve. But, if you truly love to sing, this will come easily and never feel like hard work.

Few people can do all of this on their own. Working with a vocal coach is really the best way to uncover your true singing potential. Get in touch with us at London Singing Institute and let’s bring out your inner superstar!

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