April 9, 2018

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You might have tried to sing in a couple of events, or when you were with a small group of close friends. You may also have recorded your voice while trying to copy the style of the singer who sang your favourite song.

Have you noticed that your voice either breaks during high notes or fluctuates with a change of tune? Or you have repeatedly hit the same note wrong so many times that you’ve stopped trying to sing that particular song?

If you can relate to this, then you are probably a beginner trying to sing.

Your voice is your body’s own musical instrument.

And like any other instrument, you need to practice and make it sound the way you want it to sound.

If you are an adult beginner and want to polish your singing skills, here is how you can be the singer you’ve always dreamed of becoming:

Understand Your Vocal Range

This is perhaps the most basic part of learning how to sing. Listen to music from different genres and experiment with singing them. Ask a friend to listen to (pick someone with good taste) or record your own voice to understand what your voice does when you, for example, move from low to high notes. This will help you know what sort of music comes naturally to you and you’ll know what genre you need to focus on, or what improvements you need to make. This is a good starting point.

So get to know your vocal range. There is no use trying to sing songs in a tenor voice when you actually have a baritone voice! Do remember that all ranges are beautiful, and the secret is finding your style and range and developing that!

Develop Your Personal Singing Style

You must have heard song covers online where a song is sung in a completely different style from the original track. Some of these are just weak attempts; others may even sound better than the original! The good thing about music is – it belongs to everybody. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to singing a song, sing your favourite song the way you like and the way it sounds right.

Take time to develop your own personal singing style. If you do so, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. The best singers in the world have all developed their own unique vocal style. Think of David Bowie or Bob Dylan, even Morrisey. All of them are not classically perfect – but they express the correct attitude and fans love them for that!

Take Singing Lessons

If you want to see your voice improve and are serious about becoming a singer, then the best step to take would be to sign up for singing lessons.

Beginner singing lessons for adults in London are gaining in popularity because of an increase in interest in music and singing among people in Central London. (People have started to recognise the fact that music is a very important part of society! – It even increases your IQ!)

Beginner singing lessons for adults in London are held at our City and Mayfair location.

The singing classes at the London Singing Institute for beginner singing lessons in London are extremely result-oriented and we have excellent vocal instructors who genuinely care for your voice and your vocal goals!

With enough professional instruction, as well as lots of time and effort you should see a massive result in your vocal development. (On the condition that you practice properly and follow all the exercise…)

Taking singing lessons is important to improve the quality and strength of your voice. And for difficult techniques, training is important to avoid harm if you use your voice in an incorrect manner.

Your singing abilities go with you, wherever you go. If you want to be a singer and impress people with your voice, then get in touch with us today.

We have some of the best beginner singing lessons for adult beginners in London and Central London!

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