February 5, 2021

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Many of our students who embark on singing lessons for adults already have a myriad of other commitments – university, family, work – you name it! That’s why we always aim to help them make the most of their lesson time, as well as at home practice. While there are no quick fixes or shortcuts when you learn singing as an adult, you can certainly maximise your time and, in turn, speed up your progress! We think there are 7 secrets to successful singing lessons and we will reveal them all in this blog, so keep on reading to find out…

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1. Take Notes

Every time you have a singing lesson, don’t forget to bring your notes, sheet music and a pen or pencil! This will help you make notes, mark breaths, things to watch out for, immediately as you and your vocal coach go over the songs. This way, you’re not relying solely on your memory when you practice at home – everything you discussed in your lesson will be right there in front of you, so you can implement it better when you’re on your own.

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2. Warm Up

Of course, every great vocal coach will include a specific, tailored warm up in each of their singing lessons for adults. But it’s a good idea to do a gentle warm up before you start practicing with a tutor, as it will make your voice ready to take on the lesson and maximise the time you have with your coach. Try some gentle humming and breathing exercises to get your body relaxed and your vocal cords ready to work. You can easily do these on your way to the lesson.

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3. Do Your Research

There’s much more to singing lessons for adults than just learning the notes, lyrics and singing them back. Doing a bit of background research and listening to the songs carefully will help you gain a deeper understanding of the wider context of the song. This will help you convey the right emotion, put your own spin on the melody and tell a captivating story. Not to mention, listening to the songs you’re singing will ensure you memorise the melody and lyrics, even when you’re not practicing. Furthermore, if you try to analyse the song structure and vocal technique, you can then apply it in your lessons. Discuss your findings with your coach during a session and they can help you dissect the song even more. Understanding the material you are performing is a great way to speed up the learning process, develop your musicality and critical listening skills.

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4. Practice at Home

Too many students rely on their lessons to keep up their progress, without having a solid practice routine to back them up! This is one of the reasons why you may feel you’re not progressing as quickly as you’d like to and end up feeling unmotivated to persevere. The training you do in between your lessons is where you implement what you’ve learned and continue improving. Your instructor is there to guide you, support you and teach you the proper technique to bring the best out of your voice, but the work you do on your own is where real progress actually happens. So, if you want to make the most of your singing lessons for adults, put a realistic practice routine in place! Find a space where you feel comfortable singing and make sure you are singing regularly. Even if it’s just 20 mins or half an hour – it’s still better than no practice at all. When you train your voice at home, remember to consciously work on everything you and your coach covered during the lessons! These will be your most important areas for progress.

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5. Come Prepared

Following on from our previous point, while you are practicing at home, take notes on anything that may seem confusing or anything you want to focus on. Write down any questions you have, and it may even be a great idea to record yourself and show your tutor. This way, you can make your lessons much more focused and tailored to the areas you want to improve on the most. Plus, recording yourself at home, where you are more comfortable could give your vocal coach a better idea of your usual performance, especially, if you tend to get nervous when singing in front of others.

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6. Keep an Open Mind

Many of us have our own preconceptions of our vocals, what we can and can’t do and what we sound like. The problem with that is, it can be quite hard to be objective about yourself, especially in the beginning. You may have boxed yourself in, without even realising! That’s why we advise keeping an open mind as you work with your vocal coach. They will be able to give a professional assessment of your voice, help you find songs that suit you and identify areas you need to work on the most. Of course, do tell your coach what your goals are, and they will support you towards them! Just be mindful of any mental blocks and preconceptions you may have of your voice and be ready to let them go and approach your lessons with a fresh perspective.

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7. Look after Yourself

Just like athletes need to be at their fittest and healthiest for peak performance, so do vocalists! We understand that life often gets in the way, however, try to make sure you get a good night’s rest before your lessons. Nourish yourself with good, wholesome foods and drink plenty of water as well as taking a bottle with you. This will ensure you stay hydrated and keep those vocal cords supple and ready to work. Being hungover, ill or too tired will most definitely have an impact on your vocal performance. If this does happen on your lesson, don’t beat yourself up – just try to make sure you look after yourself well so you can be at your best next time.

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8. Bonus Secret: Book Lessons with Us!

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