November 7, 2021

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Have you got a friend or a loved one who is a passionate, dedicated vocalist? Or, perhaps, you are looking for a special treat to spoil yourself? No matter the occasion, we have the perfect gift ideas for singers that will impress them during Christmas, birthdays, holidays and simply as gestures to let them know how special they are. As expert vocal coaches for countless adult singing lessons students, we have the best gift ideas to treat the singer in your life.

Throat Pastilles

Few things are more uncomfortable for a vocalist than a dry, scratchy throat! The Vocalzone Throat Pastilles will relieve the effects of excessive singing, speaking, or smoking. A great little stocking filler or addition to other presents in this singer gift guide. (

Music-Inspired Jewellery

For the glamorous vocalist in your life, why not treat them to a bit of sparkle! There is plenty of music-inspired jewellery with microphone and musical note charms, designed to suit a variety of tastes. With this little bit of added bling, you can be sure they’ll remember you every time they’re about to hit the stage.

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Every music lover needs a good pair of headphones for recording or simply listening to their favourite tunes while on the go! There are plenty of options available to suit all budgets and requirements, however, we’d recommend choosing over-ears as they are much less harmful for your hearing. Sound quality is always a must, so be sure to try them out for yourself or read the reviews.

Ear Plugs

Live music, gigs and loud practice sessions can have a detrimental effect on our hearing. Protect the musician in your life by gifting them some high-quality ear plugs! While there are plenty available on the market, getting custom moulds will be the most comfortable option and provide the best audio representation. These can get pretty expensive, so why not get some through Musician’s Union. This is the perfect gift idea for singers who have not yet taken advantage of their service. (

In-Ear Monitor Headphones

Excellent for noise cancellation and clarity of sound on stage, in-ear headphones are a must for the performer in your life! Shure have a great model of these on offer that will be loved by any gigging or studio musician. (

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Vocal Dampener

Many beginners who come to us for adult singing lessons are too shy to practice in front of others. A vocal dampener can offer a solid solution to get them to comfortably warm up and sing more regularly, until they feel confident singing when others are around! Get this neat little device here! (

Vocal Effects or Loop Pedal

Great for exploring creativity! Vocal effects and loop pedals are amazing for transforming your voice and using it to build an entire track arrangement. These can really help to transform your live performances and make recording and improvising so much easier and more fun. Check out the Boss VE-20 as a one-stop-shop for vocal effects and looping. (

Portable Recorder

Is the vocalist in your life a keen songwriter, always bursting with new ideas? Portable recorder is a very useful gift option for singers! This will make it easy to get down any ideas that pop into their head on the go, so they never get forgotten. These devices are fantastic for easily recording and playing back your practice sessions too, so you can monitor your progress. There are countless choices available on the market, but you can’t really go wrong with one of the Zoom handy recorders! (

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Headphone Amplifier

Does the singer in your life struggle to practice guitar without disturbing anyone? A headphone amp is a brilliant solution for practicing guitar with your headphones so no one else can hear you! Simply plug one of these nifty devices into your guitar and connect it to your headphones! ( There are some classic amp sounds to choose from so you don’t need to compromise on the tone as you practice.


If you’re looking for extra premium, special gift ideas for singers, microphones certainly do take the top spot! Depending on the needs of the vocalist in your life, this could be a dynamic microphone which is great for live performance or a condenser, perfect for recording in their own home studio.

Shure SM58 is an unbeatable industry standard for performing live. It’s rugged, sounds fantastic and is a real work horse for those busy gig schedules. (

If you’re looking to gift them a starter setup for recording their own music, the Focusrite Scarlett bundle has everything you need to get going! (

Alternatively, Rode NT1-A is a lovely condenser microphone, loved by vocalists around the world. It’s the perfect option if they already have an audio interface to use with the mic. (

Not sure what their setup is like? A USB microphone is a great ‘plug in and play’ choice that can be connected straight to your computer. Perfect for tracking down song ideas in no time! Something like this condenser mic is a fantastic budget option. (

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The Ultimate Gift Idea For Singers: Adult Singing Lessons!

Whether a beginner or an advanced vocalist, every singer can benefit from professional singing lessons! At London Singing Institute, we offer a choice of gift vouchers to suit every budget. (

No matter their background, goals, and ability, we offer singing courses across the most popular genres, including, classical, musical theatre, pop, blues, rock and jazz. Our expert vocal coaches have a personalised approach to each vocalist, helping them achieve the most out of their voice, according to their goals.

Our adult singing lessons are held at our stunning Central London premises or live online! We create an encouraging, supportive environment where every vocalist can feel comfortable exploring their voice. We will teach you the appropriate techniques to develop your range, pitch, dexterity and flexibility. Coupled with tips to maintain a healthy, supple vocal and a great music theory background, you will acquire all the tools to compete in today’s music industry or simply indulge in the joy of singing for yourself and loved ones!

From group classes to intensive courses and private singing lessons, we have something to suit everyone’s unique learning style!

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