February 27, 2021

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Adults come to us for singing lessons for so many different reasons. Some are professional singers looking to advance their voice, while others enjoy singing as a hobby. No matter their background, one thing is for sure – singing is for everyone! Don’t believe us? Sadly, many assume that singing is something you have to be naturally talented to do, but that’s simply not the case.

Singing and our love for music is what we naturally connect with and, historically, it even predates speech and language. This is proof that we are all, quite literally, born to sing. While you may already do so in the car or in the shower, why do you need adult singing lessons? There are more benefits to taking singing lessons than you might realise, so here are the 5 reasons why you should give them a try!

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1. Improve Your Musicality

Singing is one of the most accessible ways to improve your musicality and become an actual musician. You don’t need any expensive gear to get started – your body is your instrument, so there is no need for transporting heavy instruments around either. Taking adult singing lessons will teach you about timing, music theory, arrangement, harmony, pitch and so much more.

This wealth of knowledge can boost your creativity, inspire you to write your own music and learn an instrument should you wish to do so. Whether you want to become a professional musician or not, the benefits of taking singing lessons will seep into other areas of your life. For example, increasing your creativity will help with problem solving and coming up with solutions at work. Adult singing lessons will also help to improve your memory.

Think of how great it would be to join in with other musicians or even just to have a deeper understanding of music and be able to perform your favourite songs? You’ll be opening up a whole new world for yourself that you can actively take part in, instead of just listening.


2. Build Confidence in Your Voice

When we start singing, we often don’t really know that much about our own voice and this understanding is so crucial to be able to sing well. Sure, you can dive into hours upon hours of YouTube tutorials to learn how to sing. But the problem is, these online exercises lack the two-way communication you’d get from adult singing lessons. They often try to give general advice, which is great, but you need to know how to apply it to your own voice.

Learning to sing with a qualified vocal coach will help you gain a deeper understanding of your voice, specifically. You will get to know your range, your unique tone, how to adapt songs to suit you and bring out your best sound. These elements are key to making you feel confident in your voice. If you’re constantly trying to sing songs that don’t suit your voice, your range or style, it can leave you feeling underwhelmed and unmotivated. Your vocal coach will teach you how to unleash your best vocal and learn to appreciate the qualities that make you stand out.

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3. Learn Proper Vocal Maintenance

Breaking or damaging a piano, guitar or any other instrument can be devastating, but it’s an external damage. It won’t affect you physically. When you’re a vocalist, however, you are the instrument, so poor vocal technique and maintenance can lead to physical issues, which can be much harder to fix. One of the reasons why you need adult singing lessons is to prevent forming bad habits that damage your vocal cords. Your singing coach will teach you the proper technique to ensure you are always practicing in the healthiest way possible, without straining, shouting or causing discomfort.

In addition, you will also learn to recognise how your lifestyle affects your voice. If you’re sleep-deprived, hungover, tired or stressed, would you be performing at your best at work? Of course not! Your lifestyle and vocals are connected in a very similar way. You’ll notice that dehydration, poor diet, smoking and other factors influence your singing voice. One of the surprising benefits of taking singing lessons is that they can motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle, as you have a reason to ensure your voice is at its best.

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4. Extend Your Range and Learn New Techniques

Who doesn’t want a bigger range and better vocal technique? Your adult singing lessons can help you achieve exactly that! This is often one of the key reasons our students come to us. With the help of a professional vocal coach, your range and technique can be improved much quicker, thanks to a tailored approach and a wealth of knowledge they can provide. In your singing lessons, you will learn great exercises and expert tips that you can apply to any song and sing better than you ever did before.

There are so many elements that affect your sound from your posture to your breathing, the way you enunciate, even the way you hold your head whilst singing. Your vocal coach will go over all of these variables and ensure they become second nature so you can just enjoy your beautiful singing voice!

A key benefit of taking singing lessons is that you’ll have someone to keep you accountable. This will help you reflect on your progress, realise how far you’ve come and help you build confidence in yourself.

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5. Improve Mental and Physical Health

Last but by no means least, benefits of taking singing lessons can also improve your mental and physical health! Group singing and playing with other musicians in general can provide a sense of community. The deeper breathing that we use as part of our technique can help with concentration and cognitive function as it increases the oxygen supply to the brain. It can almost be likened to meditation, so singing could have a positive impact on those suffering from anxiety and depression.

As we mentioned before, adult singing lessons can motivate you to create healthier lifestyle habits as well as improving your posture and stamina. Personal development, creativity and achievement are vital for building your confidence, which will also transform other areas of your life. Having this great sense of achievement when you’ve learned a new song, witnessing a consistent improvement in your voice will give you a sense of accomplishment for a better mindset and quality of life.

Why Do You Need Adult Singing Lessons?

Whatever your reason – whether you’re an advancing professional, a complete beginner or a hobbyist – if you want to reap the benefits of taking singing lessons, come and learn with us! We’ll show you the ropes, help you get the most out of your voice and hone your self-confidence as a vocalist and artist. We teach adult singing lessons for a broad range of styles in central London or online from wherever you are. Get in touch with us today and we will match you with one of our expert coaches.

At London Singing Institute, we offer a personalised approach to our singing lessons for adults, no matter the style of music you prefer. Our expert coaches will help you tap into your unique voice and develop it in the way you’ve always wanted to sing. Why not book your first lesson with us and see what we’re about!

We can teach in our beautiful central London premises in Fleet Street or online, from the comfort of your own home.

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Tags: Singing Tips, Motivation, Singing advice, Singing lessons for adults, Everybody can sing!