February 1, 2020

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So, you’ve started to sing – do you need a vocal coach? Or maybe you’re a self-taught singer and feel like you’ve stopped making progress? Regardless of where you are in your journey as a vocalist, a vocal coach can help you improve, progress and impart their knowledge on how to produce sound properly and avoid injuring or harming yourself whilst singing. You may have a favourite song you’ve always wanted to sing, or you may wish to try a new genre that feels out of reach. With their experience and training, a vocal coach can help you achieve those singing goals. Here are 5 reasons why you may wish to consider taking singing classes for adults.

Discover your authentic sound

We all have favourite singers we admire.

Falling in love with their music and unique vocals prompt budding vocalists to take on singing and develop their own vocal too. As a result, many fall into the trap of emulating their favourite vocalists and neglecting their own voice.

This can have detrimental and even damaging effects on your vocals, cause unnecessary straining, improper technique and other issues.

Most importantly, you’re missing out on the chance to develop and improve your own vocal by trying to copy someone else.

Where does a vocal coach come in?

They will help you learn and develop the techniques used by famous singers and apply them to your own vocal.

A vocal coach will be able to identify your range and a suitable way of singing, and adapt your favourite songs to a style that suits you and will impress your audience.

Think about your favourite vocalists – they’re all famous for their unique sound, even if their vocals aren’t always considered to be ‘perfect’, right? The same applies to all of us.

We all shape vowels and project our vocals in our own way, not to mention the differences in our physiology that make our voices so unique.

So, allow yourself to embrace and develop a vocal that is truly authentic to you with the help of an expert coach and see how much you can improve!

Learn to sing healthily

There’s more to singing than simply belting out your favourite tunes and, without proper training, you can risk serious damage to your vocal.

Even famous vocalists like Adele have severely damaged their singing voice in the past, so learning exactly what happens when you sing and how to properly warm-up and cool down is essential to retaining your voice.

Singing utilises your vocal cords, which are tiny muscular strips, located inside the larynx and contain the densest nerve tissue in the body.

Your vocal cords vibrate together and, the higher the pitch you’re trying to sing, the greater the vibration happening in your chords.

For example, a soprano hitting the high notes vibrates their vocal cords at 1,000 times per second, which, whilst impressive, can really wear down the tissue and create minuscule contusions.

These sometimes lead to polyps, cysts and nodules forming on your vocal cords that may even require surgery.

A vocal coach will not only teach you to sing safely but also give you other tips on maintaining healthy vocal cords and preventing damage on stage or in a studio recording.

They will provide advice on correct posture, breathing techniques and exercises, so you can get the most out of your singing voice in the healthiest way possible.

Progress quicker through proper training

If you’re a self-taught singer, you may reach a point where you feel like you’re no longer progressing and need help from an expert.

Or, as an amateur, you might struggle to progress as quickly as you’d like. A vocal coach will be able to properly assess where you are in your journey and suggest new exercises, techniques and training plan to challenge you as a singer and allow you to develop further.

You would be surprised what you can achieve with the help of a professional!

Taking singing classes for adults will help you prepare for that important show, studio session or realise your ambitions of performing songs you never thought you’d be able to sing.

Lessons that are tailored to you

There is no shortage of online singing lessons and courses that can be found for free or at a cost.

But do they really help to improve your singing?

You may be able to pick up some techniques and useful advice. Without expert feedback and advice, however, it’s difficult to know how well you’re progressing and that you’re utilising the learning material correctly.

An experienced vocal coach will be able to tailor new techniques to your current abilities and areas of improvement. They’ll give you useful feedback on your progress and how to employ their advice.

Every vocalist will excel at some forms of singing while necessitating progress in others, which is why a tailored vocal lesson and progression plan will be far more effective than taking advice from someone who has never heard you sing before.

Working with a vocal coach will make your at-home practice sessions far more effective and you will be amazed at how far their advice can go to push you forward.

It will motivate you to pursue your craft and achieve consistent progress in your singing voice.

Explore new singing styles

You may be a solo artist or a lead singer in your band and, therefore, have a go-to genre and singing style that you have grown and developed in.

That’s absolutely fine, however, a vocal coach can help you explore new vocal techniques across different genres.

These will improve your voice and introduce singing styles that you can implement in your own vocals.

Many vocalists are confident on stage yet feel uncomfortable recording in a studio environment and vice versa.

Your vocal teacher will highlight the differences between singing on stage and in a studio.

They will teach you how to properly use and sing into a microphone in different settings and so much more.

Overall, a singing coach will increase your versatility and encourage confidence in singing, wherever you are.

Want to explore the benefits of singing but don’t know where to start?

Singing provides physiological and emotional benefits, like decreased stress and anxiety levels, improved mood, breath stamina and overall wellbeing.

Unfortunately, many adults shy away from exploring these benefits.

Our vocals are so personal to us and, although you may wish to sing, you could feel like you’re not very good or that a great singing voice is not something that comes naturally to you.

The truth is, anyone can learn to sing!

There is no reason why you should hold yourself back from the joy of singing and the London Singing Institute can help!

We offer quality singing lessons in London for beginners and experienced vocalists that will help you break through the limits you have set for yourself, discover your unique voice and finally perform the songs you’ve always dreamed of singing.

We will impart the best available knowledge on how your voice works, the correct posture, breathing and vocal techniques and tips on improving your vocal quality.

The best part?

You will have fun while developing a new skill and feel a sense of accomplishment as you progress through your lessons.

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